Blood drive planned for flesh-eating disease victim Aimee Copeland

Posted at 8:48 AM, May 15, 2012
and last updated 2012-05-15 08:48:08-04


By Manuel Bojorquez

CARROLLTON, Ga. (WBS) – A blood drive is planned Tuesday for Aimee Copeland, a young Georgia woman fighting a flesh-eating disease. 

Gary Duke is helping to organize the blood drive. He said the community, and country, has come together to support Aimee.

“I mean there are a number of reasons — one that she was such a wonderful person and we’re a small town, a lot of people know her,” Duke said.

Copeland’s parents said Aimee would want her supporters to remain positive.

“Well, you know, we really don’t see the suffering side of it. We see the miraculous survival, and that is really, I think, where — I think that is the story that has inspired us and the story has that has inspired the nation, at this point,” said Aimee’s father Andy Copeland.

Aimee got sick after she fell from a homemade zip line. She got a cut, which later became infected by a bacteria that almost killed her and forced doctors to amputate her leg. She’s still in critical condition, but trying to communicate.

I understand that this morning she actually voiced two concerns — number one — she needs to finish her thesis at the university — and number two — she’s worried about her job at the Sunnsyside Cafe,” Duke said with a smile.