Robert Griffin III’s proud grandmother ready for RG3-mania

Posted at 11:00 PM, May 02, 2012
and last updated 2012-05-03 07:09:38-04

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR)-  The NFL can be like a soap opera for men: story lines year-round.

Something fans in Richmond are certainly talking about is RG3 – Robert Griffin III – the new quarterback of the Washington Redskins.

His grandmother, who has lived in Richmond since 1999, said Griffin’s draft selection has caused her to switch her allegiance to a new favorite team.

Sifting through newspaper clippings and magazines, she proudly showed off her grandson’s picture with President Bush.  "He's always said he was going to be something!" Juley Allen exclaimed.

Allen said she will gladly respond to the nickname “RG3-G,” as in RG3’s grandmother. "The whole family is proud of him,” she said.  “I love him to death."

Griffin the third was drafted second overall last week by the Washington Redskins. The move was made possible by a blockbuster trade of draft picks to the St. Louis Rams almost a month ago.

“RG3-G” said she knew then her grandson would be living close to her. “I walk around like I'm on top of the world," Allen said.

With his new-found fame as the face of a football franchise, came responsibility and most likely, fortune.

His grandmother jokes she will help him spend it.

"Have you talked to him about getting you out of here and into a better abode?” I asked her.  She laughed out loud and said, “Not yet, [maybe part of his] contract negotiations, right? Oh, it's on my list."

Griffin grew up all over the world, an Army brat, and always an athlete.

“Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, running: he was good," said his beaming grandmother.

Most of his family lives in New Orleans, and are big Saints fans.  That is, until Draft Day 2012 when the Redskins drafted him with the number two overall pick.

RG3-G said she plans to go to every home game to root on her grandson, knowing that winning will keep him close to her home.

"I want front row seats, not down by the hot dog stand or chili,” Allen joked.

And will he take them to the Super Bowl in this first year? “Yes!” she exclaimed.  “A bold prediction, eh?  Super Bowl it is."

RG3-G said she’s counting down the days until training camp and would love to see the Redskins come here to Richmond, but after talking with the coaches on Draft Day, she’s not sure that’s going to happen this year.