Titanic replica ship to be built for 2016 journey

Posted at 6:14 PM, Apr 30, 2012

An Australian billionaire says he plans to build a near-perfect replica of what is perhaps the most famous ship in history: Titanic.

Clive Palmer says his company, Blue Star Line, has begun plans on the Titanic II.

Palmer says the company is already in negotiations with a Chinese ship-building group to make the ship a reality. When it’s finished, the ship will resemble the replica museum of the original cruise liner.

Palmer says that while the new Titanic will look much like the original, it will be fully-equipped with modern technology.

Palmer says the ship will make its maiden voyage from England to North America in 2016, taking the same route as the doomed ship that sank 100 years ago this month.

No word on how much building the new Titanic will cost.