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VIDEO: Customer goes berserk over high gas prices

Posted at 2:02 PM, Apr 26, 2012

BROCKTON, Mass. (WBZ) -  For most folks, rising gas prices can be upsetting, but pain at the pump made one Massachusetts man go to extremes.

In fact, some people who witnessed what happened called the ordeal a case of "gas rage."

It all started when a man a red sweater was pumping gas and apparently had enough of the high prices, reported WBZ-TV's Bill Shields.

As a result, witnesses said the man went into the store and began swearing and gesturing at the clerk, Sherry Lincoln.

Other customers inside stared in disbelief at the tirade, which was captured on surveillance video, and targeted at someone who has no control over prices.

"I'm not used to customers yelling about the price of gas," said Lincoln. "But it didn't really make me nervous because the customers that were there are my regulars and they're not going to let anything happen to me, so ..."

Next, the man headed back outside to the pumps and started complaining to other drivers. He even opened up a stranger's door, and started yelling at him about the prices.