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IRS agents At Mo’ Money home office

Posted at 12:17 PM, Apr 25, 2012

MEMPHIS (WREG) –  Agents from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division are at the home offices of Mo’ Money Taxes and MoneyCo USA in Memphis, Tennessee.

Several agents were seen coming in and out of the building at 5090 S. Millbranch near Holmes Rd. this morning, reported WREG in Memphis.

Markey Gransberry, the owner of Mo’ Money, told WREG he contacted IRS.

Gransberry said he wants the IRS involved to determine why some of his customers have yet to receive their tax refunds.

Hundreds of Mo’ Money customers in several states complained of problems receiving their tax refunds from the company earlier this year.

Mo’ Money’s owners blamed processing problems for the delays.

The trouble lead to the closures of several Mo’ Money branches across the country.

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