Tweeting in church, iPad Bibles now common for worship

Posted at 9:15 AM, Apr 24, 2012
By Giselle Phelps
Dallas, TX (KDAF) — Tweeting from a pew or reading the bible on your iPad. Those are becoming common scenes in churches across the country.

A recent study of technology in our nation’s churches by Faith Communities Today found that 69% have websites, and more than 40% are using Facebook. Here in North Texas, many churches have staffs dedicated to implementing these technologies. We visited a couple to find out just how tech savvy they’re getting.

The church has gone high tech. At the Potter’s House in Dallas it’s Jason Caston’s job to stay on top of trends.

“Basically my job is to take whatever new technology is out there, and for the most part they`re very low cost, and make sure the ministry is able to utilize them,” said Potter`s House Social Media & Mobile Developer Jason Caston.

The Potter’s House uses Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest to connect with its congregation. They also stream services live on iPhone, iPad and android.

“We have our first app coming down the line for the Pastors and Leaders conference that`s coming up in about two weeks and then after that we`ll have your TD app and then your Potter`s House app,” said Caston.

“We you scan the QR code it takes you to a webpage that gives you all the resources you might need,” said Christ Fellowship Senior Pastor Bruce Miller.

It’s a similar story at Christ Fellowship in McKinney. Pastor Miller’s church has a team of young social media mavens. They hold tech training sessions with other churches. They even run an online campus — a completely virtual church experience.

“At Christ Fellowship we`re trying to use any technology that can help connect people to God,” said Miller.

Pastor Miller says he encourages smartphones and tablets use in church. Tweeting is allowed too.

“Let`s use the tools that God`s enabled humanity to create to be able to connect with each other, to be able to connect with him through the word of God,” said Miller.

Caston says in today’s world a tech savvy church is a must.

“If you want to advance and take the gospel to the four corners then you should utilize technology,” he said.

Pastor Miller was clear to say he does not believe technology should ever replace one-on-one connections made in person through a church.

He thinks it should act as a bridge.