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Can people in their 50’s find real love on line?

Posted at 7:58 AM, Apr 23, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-23 08:19:17-04

(CNN) - Can people in their 50's find real love on-line? The thought is daunting for some baby boomers.

Fifty-five year old Suzanne Forman, like many unmarried baby boomer, considers companionship more important in her 50s than she did when she was younger.

"I mean I can't believe I'm 55. I feel like I'm still 20 or 30 something," she said. "I still have that energy. I still have you know that spark,  but I do have a lot of candles on my cake."

She said when friends and relatives tried setting her up on dates, it never worked.

"They kept trying to set me up with friends of theirs and each one was just worst than the next. I was a vegetarian and one of the guys they set me up with took me to a Moroccan restaurant and ate raw meat in front of me," she said.

So Forman, and a growing number of singles over 50, are going on-line to find potential matches.

Stacy Dansey, 61, feared looking on-line for love after hearing horror stories from friends. Then she said her daughter told her about, a dating site for people over 50.

"It's just a numbers game," she said. "The more people I meet the greater the odds that I will meet a guy who wants to have a loving warm committed serious monogamous relationship."

A 2010 e-Harmony survey found the internet is now the most popular way for people over 50 to meet and marry.

"I've always thought the idea that the older generation is afraid of technology is overblown, because they now seem to adopt it, and adopt it in numbers just as much as everybody else does, " said's Gian Gonzaga.