Investigation into possible hazing incident at elementary school

Posted at 10:35 PM, Apr 20, 2012

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR)- I spoke with Blackwell Elementary School Principal Daryl Roselle in his office Friday.   He admitted – and Richmond Public Schools has confirmed- that an investigation is underway regarding the use of the gym his elementary school shares with the Blackwell Community Center.

CBS 6 has learned the investigation stems from a fraternity hazing episode that included G-strings and baby oil.  And the buzz about a gathering at Blackwell Elementary School has parents expressing concern.

"It's very shocking," said parent Laveisha Goode.

There are allegations that om April 7, Principal Roselle opened school doors for a fraternity hazing ritual that involved men in next-to-nothing, slathered in oil running around the gym.

"I'm hearing that security responded and asked who let them in, and they were told the principal,” said Goode.

Richmond Public Schools Chief of Staff Ronald Cary released a statement saying, “The School District is currently conducting a complete investigation into this matter.  Once the investigation is complete, the District will take whatever appropriate employee disciplinary action is required.”

Some parents say they are hoping for swift action because the word spreading around the school is starting to affect their children’s education.  “Parents I've spoken with are outraged,” said Goode.  “The school has serious problems, especially with this new administration."

We reached out to the fraternity that sources told us was involved, but as of late Friday it had yet to return my emails or phone calls.