Police: Man steals gas from cruiser, takes picture, posts on Facebook, lands in jail

Posted at 8:04 AM, Apr 19, 2012

LETCHER COUNTY, KY (WDKY) - A 20-year-old Kentucky man admits he stole gas from a police cruiser -- but says he's not sorry.

A picture, taken by his girlfriend, shows Michael Baker in the act while he makes an obscene gesture.

It spread like wildfire after he posted it on Facebook -- and Jenkins police began investigating.

Baker was taken into custody, spent the night in jail and was charged with theft.

In an interview, Baker and his girlfriend at first played the photo off as a joke.

But later Baker said he stole a little gas, saying he tried to get more but there was only about a straw's worth in the tank.

Even if it was just a little bit of gas, police took the act seriously.

An officer says if someone would do that to a police car, they would do that to just about anyone.  Jenkins police say they plan to get lockable gas caps in the near future.