One dead and a VSU student wounded in shoot-out

Posted at 4:57 PM, Apr 17, 2012

**UPDATE: Police identified the victim in this shooting. Click here for more.**

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR) Two people were shot, one of them fatally, during a 4 p.m. shooting Tuesday that sprayed 10 or so shell casings onto 2nd Avenue on the edge of Virginia State University’s campus in Ettrick.

There was no campus lock down, however Thomas Reed, Director of University Relations, said students were alerted to the incident via e-mail, text alert, Twitter and Facebook. There is also a message posted on the university's website.

At least one of the victims is a student. That young man was hit in the ankle and fled from the shooting scene on foot with another young man, according to police and a witness. That victim was treated at Southside Regional Medical Center and released.

The second victim was shot in the abdomen and left the scene in a car with another man who was taking him to the hospital in Petersburg, according to Chesterfield police.

That vehicle crashed into a transport bus on Washington Street in Petersburg. Both occupants were injured and were taken to Southside Regional Medical Center, where the gunshot victim died of his wounds, according to Chesterfield County police.

That victim’s identity was not released pending notification of his family. It was not clear if he, too, is a student.

It was unclear what triggered the confrontation, which person did the shooting and where they may be. Chesterfield police did not convey any suspect information. They are asking for help.

The shooting happened in the street between campus dorm buildings and the Virginia State University Federal Credit Union. The bank was not involved in the confrontation that happened in the street, a police investigator said.

VSU’s online map shows that portion of the street and the credit union as part of the campus.

Trisha Patron was styling hair at the United Unisex Salon beside the campus when she heard the shots, through her front door, which was open because of the fine day.

“It was like 10 or eight,” she said. “And then we seen two dudes running . . . and one started limping. And after he started limping, he turned back around and the cops came, and they stopped the cops.” She said she recognized the two as students who had walked past her shop before.

A VSU student who identified herself as Iesha shrugged her shoulders when asked about the shooting. “I feel like it is what it is,” she said. “I mean it happens all over the world. It happens every day, so it really is nothing new.”

Ryan Robinson is also a VSU student. “It’s crazy that it happened, but I can’t say that I’m surprised . . . there’s just so many shootings. Especially at colleges nowadays.”