Reports shows deadly Choking Game is on the rise

Posted at 11:29 PM, Apr 17, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-17 23:33:41-04

(WTVR) A startling new report shows an increase of children playing something known as the choking game.

Experts said that the choking game has been around for ages, but, a new study finds more children are taking part in the daring game.

“In today's world, you never know what they're getting themselves into,” said Derrick Henderson, a Chesterfield father with three boys.

With all the ways to get high, this is a new one.

It's when children literally strangle each other or themselves to get a brief high. The oxygen and blood to the brain is cut off and provides a temporary high.

“They think it's a sport, a competition, who can do it longer, who is the toughest,” said Henderson.

Not only is the choking game risky, it can lead to more risky behaviors in the future according to new research.

It found that eighth grade boys who played the game had a great chance of being exposed to violence.

As for girls who play the game, the research shows that they are likely to gamble or have poor nutrition.

The study also found both genders will likely be sexually active and use drugs if they play the choking game.

Child psychologist Shedrick McCall said the game is tied to those behaviors, because the child—a certain personality type that enjoys taking a risk.

“Once you interact with one risky behavior... tt leads to other risky behaviors,” said McCall.

McCall says this game is usually played by children in secret. In some cases, it can—and has--lead to death.

Researchers say there have been dozens of deaths because of the choking game within the last ten years.

You can tell if your child is playing this game by looking for red marks on their neck, or if they frequently complain of headaches.