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Heart-warming canine loyalty, risking paw and life

Posted at 8:41 PM, Apr 16, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-16 20:41:52-04

(CNN) The mystery behind the latest dog to make headlines after trying to help a fellow pooch may be over.

Jeanne Moos has more on that heroic canine and others who risked life and paw to help out.

Last week this black lab parked herself in the middle of traffic, next to a fellow Labrador.

The loyal lab wouldn't leave a yellow lab that had been struck and killed on this busy highway in La Puente, California.

The guy who shot the video first put up traffic cones to keep cars away from the two dogs.

The surviving lab was taken to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, where staff named her Grace when they couldn't identify her.

Grace isn't the only one who's shown loyalty, CNN reports that the motorist who put out the cones and took the video came to the shelter every day to visit Grace.

The shelter was about to let him adopt her, but now it turns out that  Grace may be Maggie.

KTLA reports that a couple has come forward saying she's their dog, and that she went missing last week.

And Los Angeles county animal control says the dog seems to respond to the name Maggie.

Maggie aka Grace will stay at the shelter until they confirm ownership.

This isn't the first time we've seen a dog risk its life in traffic for another dog.

The most famous example was when a dog was struck and killed on a freeway in Santiago, Chile four years ago. A second dog ran up and dragged the first one to the median strip.

The would-be rescuer was apparently a stray that then ran away.

And then there was Chili in the Bronx.  A dog named Chili was hit and injured.

Chili's son wouldn't leave his mother alone and tried to protect her from the police.

They finally managed to carry away the mother. She suffered a broken leg. Her son ran off the expressway with police in not-so-hot pursuit.

He even managed to pause for a pit stop before heading home where mother and son were reunited.

The latest dog to make a splash was a mother trying to rescue her floundering pup in a pool.

When she couldn't shove the pup out, she used the steps and grabbed the wet-behind-the-ears-and-everywhere-else puppy.

Who needs a life guard when you've got a guard dog?