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Girl, 11, gets raunchy responses after pic is posted on website

Posted at 1:35 PM, Apr 13, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-13 13:35:01-04

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A mother in St. Louis is livid after she finds out her 11-year-old daughter was listed on an adult, online dating site.

Websites like are just one example of how easily a young child can get drawn into adult situations.

Orlanda Jackson says she’s a working single parent raising her three kids. She always thought she knew what was going on with her kids.

However, Jackson was shocked to find out her 11-year-old daughter had posted a picture and profile on, an adult online dating site last month claiming she was 23.

Soon after, the sixth grader started to get sexually explicit text messages and phone calls. Her 20-year-old brother found them on her phone. The messages were very explicit.

“She was on Facebook and when she was on there the site popped up it was just a popup she clicked it filled it out and she was on and chatting,” said Jackson

Cell phone records say it all, the messages where from all over the country. She was even contacted by people in St. Louis. Jackson called some of the men back herself to let them know her child was underage. She also notified her daughter’s school to help protect other kids.

“She started to get responses from elderly men my son and I was concerned about it. When she went on there you can clearly see that that she is a minor,” Jackson stated.

KTVI-TV 2 called local police to find out if charges can be filed against those sending the messages. And we’re told if they believe the person is over 18 and have no idea they’re underage charges are unlikely.

However, Jackson says she will stay vigilant in keeping her daughter out of the hands of predators.

“Do I catch everything as a parent.. no no parent ever catches everything but when we do catch it its best for us to jump on it right then and there show them that you love them give them support be there for them,” said Jackson.

Additionally, Jackson says as a safeguard her daughter’s cell phone, internet, all other communications privileges have all been taken away.