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Tornadoes rip through Dallas-Forth Worth area

Posted at 5:32 PM, Apr 03, 2012

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) - Tornadoes ripped through the Dallas-Forth Worth area Tuesday, tossing tractor trailers like toys, and causing injuries and widespread damage to homes and other structures.

One tornado was spotted on the ground five miles east of downtown Dallas, the National Weather Service said. All flights at Dallas-Fort Worth airport were grounded and passengers and airport employees were moved into shelters as the storm system spawned multiple funnel clouds. Flights at Dallas Love Field airport were also grounded.

A tornado warning was issued for Arlington, Texas, which had already been struck.

"There may be storms behind the storms, making damage in places that already have damage and that now is happening for Arlington, Texas," said CNN meteorologist Chad Myers.

Severe damage was reported in the cities of Arlington and Kennedale by Kennedale spokeswoman Amethyst Cirmo.

A large water main broke and several people were injured, she said, though she could not immediately confirm how many. A community center was opened to residents displaced by the storm.

A spokeswoman for Dallas County said she had heard of damage throughout the area.

Video from CNN affiliate WFAA broadcast dramatic footage of the scene, showing tractor trailers being lifted and tossed through the air like matchsticks. Ominous clouds filled the skies, making it as dark as night. The network showed roofs of homes ripped off and trailers turned on their sides.

By Tuesday afternoon, all tornado warnings for the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area were canceled or allowed to expire, the National Weather Service said. A tornado watch continued to be in effect for north-central Texas.

The weather service urged people in the area to move to a bathroom, closet or hallway on the lowest floor of their buildings and take cover.

CNN's Sean Morris contributed to this report.