List of recommendations for Richmond’s finance department

Posted at 8:01 PM, Apr 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-03 20:04:21-04

The auditors report offered several recommendations to remedy the problems.

Click here to read Sandra Jones’ complete report from CBS 6 News.

Here’s a quick list:

  1. Lack of stable leadership — Evaluate the reporting structure and make appropriate changes to manage the span of control of the Finance Director.
  2. Implement proper management practices to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the Assessment, Collections, Tax and Compliance Audit, and Tax Enforcement Units.  Specifically:
    a.   Hold employees accountable by managing their productivity.
    b.   Require Tax Audit, and Tax Enforcement Units to have a documented annual plan for their work.
    c.    Analyze the risk of non-reporting and under- reporting of taxes to focus collection, audit and enforcement efforts to high risk accounts to maximize effectiveness.
    d.    Include this analysis for all tax types.3. Develop appropriate performance measures and monitor performance for all the Units under this audit.4.Employ more aggressive methods to maximize collection.5. Follow-up on all business personal property tax returns that have not been filed.

6. Review all filed business personal property tax returns for reasonableness.  Update the account information timely within MUNIS.

7. Develop, implement and monitor policies and procedures to:

a.     Place DMV holds timely and consistently.
b.    Ensure compliance with State Code provisions related to charging the administrative fees for delinquent accounts.
c.    Address uploading DMV and DGIF uploads within predetermined timeframes.

8. Develop, implement and monitor policies and procedures to:

a. Ensure the interest rate within MUNIS is in accordance with the approved interest rate annually.
b. Update the MUNIS database with DMV downloads on a monthly basis in accordance with the Division’s current practices.
c. Reflect current timelines and procedures for following-up on delinquent accounts.

9. Review and remedy the over collected interest from taxpayers.

10. Work with DIT to:

a. Develop an application for streamlining the process of importing the DMV files into MUNIS.
b. Review the existing and the new data input into MUNIS to ensure the City is only assessing and billing for property that is garaged within City limits.

11. Ensure that the supplemental billings are sent to taxpayers timely.

12. Work with the City Administration to:

a. Conduct an adequacy analysis of the MUNIS system for the Revenue Administration operations and its impact on the operational efficiencies.
b. Consider replacing MUNIS in consultation with the City Administration after providing proper justification.

13. Define a communication process within the Revenue Administration Division for the collection of the taxes due from audit assessments.

14. Develop, implement and monitor policies and procedures to:

a. Remove DMV holds on accounts in accordance with DMV requirements.

b. Comply with the timeframe established by the policy for posting payment.

c. Establish a timeframe within which a business license must be issued.