Posted at 9:40 AM, Mar 28, 2012

(CNN) – We’re getting to hear some of what was said between the co-pilot of JetBlue flight 191 and air traffic control while the pilot was locked out of the cockpit.
Passengers wrestled the pilot to the floor after he apparently started running through the cabin, screaming about being distraught.
Controllers diverted the plane to Amarillo, Texas.

Plane: JetBlue 191 emergency we're going to need authorities and medical to meet us at the airplane.
ATC: Yes sir they're standing by for you.
Plane: Can I have the airport police stand by?
ATC: do you want them to enter from bravo or juliet?
Plane: bravo will be fine.
ATC: Code One, the pilot requests medical and security as soon as able.
Security: we have medical and security standing by.

Officials transported the pilot to a medical facility after taking him off the plane.
The FBI, FAA and TSA are all investigating.