New details: seventeen knives collected from Henrico murder scene

Posted at 7:12 PM, Mar 28, 2012

HENRICO, Va. (WTVR)--Search warrants have just been returned in what police believe was a domestic murder that happened in Varina Monday. The warrant was for the home the victim and suspected killer shared on Varina Point Lane in Henrico.

Taken from the home were the following items.

  1. A deceased human body and contents
  2. Multiple latent print lifts
  3. Multiple swabs of red stains
  4. Two Beverage Glasses
  5. Multiple cigarette butts
  6. Two sandals
  7. Seventeen Knives
  8. White shirt
  9. Washcloth
  10. Bath Towel
  11. Two pillow cases
  12. Assorted papers and notebooks
  13. Two boxes containing cell phones
  14. Three beer bottles
  15. Toilet seat cover

The search warrant describes the final violent scene of Hazel Jackson’s life, but she had described others before.

Jackson's requests for protection paint a violent and bizarre picture of her life with her accused killer Freddie Cephas. Jackson was found stabbed to death inside her home Monday night. It was a home she shared with Cephas even after she'd asked the courts to keep him away.

"In all kinds of domestic situations victims get back together with the person or they become afraid," said legal analyst Todd Stone.

Jackson filed two emergency protective orders. Her complaints written in her own words claimed that Cephas had “tore her house apart and dumped trash on her”.

She wrote "he was enraged pushing me, holding me down, took my phone so i could not call police." She also wrote "Mr. Cephas stated he would burn my house down with me in it, if I told anyone what he did or if I tried to leave him".

This was not the first time Cephas was accused of violence against a woman.

He was charged in Richmond in 2009 with malicious wounding for stabbing his former girlfriend.

He was found not guilty after the alleged victim decided not to testify against him.

Prosecutors say without forensic evidence to tie Cephas to the stabbing, the victim's recanted story set him free. Experts contend it’s often the case with domestic violence cases.

"The Commonweath attorney really gets hamstrung and they're not able to put on a case," said Stone.