Sheriff has to shut down Board of Supervisors meeting

Posted at 8:05 PM, Mar 20, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-20 23:04:14-04

SUSSEX COUNTY, Va (WTVR)--The Sussex County Sheriff has stepped in twice in less than a week to shut down the Board of Supervisors meeting.

Both times, heated arguments have gotten so out of control that he feared the situation could escalate.

"It is a travesty, it was shocking, it was appalling" said Cindi Dickerson, who watched Monday night’s meeting derail. "Anyone who hasn't been needs to come" she added.

For Sheriff Raymond Bell, last Thursday was the first time he'd ever stepped up to close a meeting.

"It was just unreal, I have never seen public officials act the way this group acted" he said.

Debbie Turck and her husband were so shocked, that they started videotaping the meetings and posting them to YouTube, and even started their own blog.

"It's basically six people, six men sitting up there, out of control, mainly down to two or three, not able to conduct a meeting in an orderly manner" said Turck.

For three term Supervisor Eric Fly, the changes came in January when three new members came onto the board. He said that since then "Nothing is getting done in the county.”

“Our business is not being done," he said.

"I have never, in 27 years, in dealing with government, seen anything like this, nothing" said Fly, who also agreed most votes are now split in a three to three tie.

Alfred Futrell, who came onto the board in January, agreed things have gotten out of hand and his concern is that some board members won't allow the public to speak during recent meetings

"The public has got a right to voice their opinions on all the issues,” said Futrell.

Citizens are now talking about a recall, to remove some board members, after a second meeting was shut down by the sheriff, and there was fall-out over the county attorney.

Rufus Tyler, the chairman and John Stringfield did not return our calls for this story.

Charlie Caple, when reached by telephone said, "No Comment.”