Man wants back wife who bit off his lip

Posted at 6:23 PM, Mar 12, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-12 18:23:17-04

ELYRIA, Ohio — The woman accused of biting off her husband’s lower lip during an argument faced a judge on Monday.

During the pre-trial hearing, Thomas Blaylock told a judge that he is no longer in danger and wants to be reunited with his wife, Ameryst Blaylock, 26.

The only visible sign of his injury was a band-aid over his bottom lip.

Blaylock asked the judge to terminate a no contact order stemming from the incident last week.

It was last Thursday, the woman admitted to biting off her husband’s lower lip during an argument about their marriage inside their High Street home in Elyria.

Police claimed Blaylock first punched her husband in the cheek then jumped on top of him, biting off the right side of his lower lip.

The injury was apparently too extensive for the lip to be reattached.

Still, Blaylock told the judge, “It was a one time thing.  Not sure what happened, but my wife is the most loving, caring person I’ve ever met in my life and this was due to the influence of alcohol and we were in the process of trying to eradicate that issue in our lives and we’d like to further that.”

The judge granted the request to lift the no-contact order.

The case has now been bound over to the Lorain County grand jury for possible further action.

The couple has no children together and are planning to seek marriage counseling.