PRESIDENT OBAMA: President visits Central Virginia

Posted at 6:24 AM, Mar 09, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-09 09:15:19-05

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – President Barack Obama will arrive in Central Virginia later this morning. The President will speak about the economy at the Rolls-Royce plant at Crosspointe in Prince George County.

This is the President's s third trip to Central Virginia in the last six months. [Read more]

CBS 6 political analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth said it being an election year, it is no coincidence that the President is visiting Virginia, a battleground state.

"It's standard operating procedure," Dr. Holsworth said. "Almost any political figure will utilize their office also to find a way, at least indirectly, to benefit themselves politically. It's not surprising to see where President Obama is, just as it's not surprising to see that Governor McDonnell, who's considered to be a potential vice-presidential nominee has managed to be in Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina and Florida over the last couple of weeks."

You can find CBS 6 News coverage of the President's visit to Central Virginia online at, CBS 6.3, Comcast channel 206 and Verizon FIOS channel 466.