Family remembers Susana Cisneros on anniversary of brutal murder

Posted at 6:18 PM, Mar 09, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-09 21:26:13-05

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - The family of  a woman found brutally murdered outside a Henrico County fast-food restaurant is remembering their loved one on the anniversary of her death.

The pain of losing a loved one, is still raw for the Susana Cisneros' family. The family  gathering at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church for a prayer service in memory of Cisneros on the first anniversary of her death.

"We want to move on with our lives, but we're still not going to leave my sister behind,"  said C. Cisneros, Susana's brother. "The only way we're going to let this go, is if we let it out. Too many memories that we still have.  I don't think they're going to go away anytime soon."

Cisneros was just days away from having her baby when she was stabbed to death in a Henrico parking lot. Her unborn child also died.

Gregory Nelson Jr. is facing Capital Murder in connection with her death. And just before the murder, Susanna had told her family that Nelson was the baby's father.

"Why would he do that to us?” asked Cisneros.  "Whether he was with my sister or somebody else, my sister didn't deserve to go the way she did."

It was later revealed that Nelson, who is now behind bars awaiting his trial in August, had been married to someone else.

CBS 6 News' Sandra Jones asked Susana's brother, if Gregory Nelson should face the death penalty if he is convicted.

"I don't want his family to go through what we're going through," said Cisneros. "We don't believe in that."

Cisneros' relatives said they also support Nelson's family and do not feel any animosity. After all, they have also lost a family member, Cisneros said.

The Cisneros family said they can forgive and that their faith and prayers are helping them heal.