Poll worker tells 84-year-old she’s listed as dead

Posted at 1:22 PM, Mar 08, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-08 13:22:13-05

BOSTON (WTVR) – An 84-year-old woman in Massachusetts, who showed up to vote on Super Tuesday, got quite a surprise.

"They had me on the deceased list," said an astonished  Maureen McCloskey, while chatting with WBZ reporter Paul Burton.

It all started when she arrived at her local polling place and got in line to cast her ballot. That's when she was told she was no longer on the voting list.

"She said 'you died,'" laughed McCloskey.

McCloskey said she has lived at her current address for at least seven years and that workers said a mix-up with the new city census accidentally had her her listed as deceased.

"And, I'm alive and I am kicking," said McCloskey. "So I said, 'can I please have a ballot so I can vote?'"

And vote she did. McCloskey, a lifelong democrat, said she won't let this stop her from voting in November. In fact, she said the whole thing gave her a good laugh.

"Everybody needs a good laugh once in awhile and I had a good one,"  said McCloskey.