Former VCU employee sentenced for sexual abuse of a child

Posted at 4:40 PM, Mar 07, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-07 16:40:37-05

Martin Louis Rengers of Sandston was sentenced to five years in prison with all five years suspended for sexual abuse of a child. He was formerly the Payroll Director at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The sentence is suspended for a period of 10 years, allowing that Renger stays out of trouble.  He was also put on indefinite supervised probation.

According to case record details Rengers was arrested Sept. 27, for sexual abuse of a child.

The female victim, a friend of a family member, was in a camper at a camp ground when the incident occurred.

Rengers began to touch the victim under her clothes while the victim was napping, according to Middlesex Commonwealth Attorney Michael Hurd.

The girl texted a friend who called the girl’s mother. After the mother picked up her daughter, they went directly to the police.

In November, VCU President Dr. Michael Rao addressed to situations that involved, as Rao said, “sex-based crimes involving minors.”

“While the alleged crimes happened away from our campuses, they are deeply disturbing and raise concerns among a university community dedicated to serving others with trust and integrity,” Rao wrote in his email to students and staff.

Rao reaffirmed VCU’s commitment to creating a safe environment for students and staff.

“We need your continued vigilance in reporting any suspected wrongdoing, regardless of who or what is involved. I am deeply concerned about these events and strongly encourage everyone to report any suspicious or criminal behavior to law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, VCU management, or the VCU Helpline as appropriate,” wrote Rao.