Super Tuesday brings 49 delegates to winner

Posted at 7:44 PM, Mar 05, 2012

Super Tuesday in Virginia might not bring out as many to the polls, but the stakes are still high for Republicans.

The primary tomorrow isn't nearly as exciting for many Virginians as they had hoped. The energy level is much less than it might have been, but even so there are still 49 delegates up for grabs.

The Commonwealth's top two Republicans gave a Super Tuesday pep talk to primary voters, reminding them that while tomorrow's race is not seen by most as hotly still counts.

The ballot standard in Virginia, which requires that candidates gets  10,000 signatures of registered voters in order to have their name on it, created a lot of controversy.

Several candidates filed suit and took the matter to federal court and lost. Gov. Bob McDonnell said there are no plans to lower the standard and there shouldn't be.

"If you can't get ten thousand good signatures in the state of Virginia I don't think you have business being president of the United States," said McDonnell.

But political experts said the limited choice on the ballot has certainly dulled what could have been an exciting Super Tuesday in Virginia. They say that may hurt the Republican Party in the long run, because having a smaller turnout means less connection to voters.
But the November election should still prove to be a battleground, they say.

"Virginia is going to be almost a ground zero of the Presidential race," said Political Analyst Bob Holsworth.

Whatever candidate receives more than fifty percent of the vote tomorrow will pick up all of the 49 delegates.

That is a significant number for the winner that takes all.