School with 15 sets of twins faces unique challenges

Posted at 10:18 AM, Mar 05, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-05 10:18:45-05

By Bob Evans

CLINTON, Utah (KSTU) - A Utah elementary school home to 15 sets of twins is creating some unique challenges for teachers and parents at the school.

“At least one set of twins in each grade level,” explained Steve Hammer, the principal of West Clinton Elementary.  “We do have a fifth grade class that has two sets of twins in one classroom.”

“We call them our mini mes because Bridger is almost a little mini me of my husband and Cambria has lots of mannerisms just like me,” said Cathy Maisey, a mother of twins.

Some of the siblings have the same teacher and go through the same lesson plans as their twin.

“It’s pretty funny when they come home from school.  They’ll have a race, who can whip out their schoolwork and show it to me fastest?” laughed Maisey.

“The ones that request they’re in the same class is so they have the same homework, and it’s easier for the parents to help them,” offered Hammer.

But other parents actually requested that their kids be put in separate classes.

“It’s a lot easier separating them because they’re so dependent on each other. It’s a lot easier to separate them and let them make their own friends and let them be their own selves,” said Michelle Evans, another mother of twins.

“A lot of times parents that request their kids are in different classes, it’s more of a competition with the kids.  They don’t want them to be competing in the same classroom,” said Hammer.

But the kids being so close with each other doesn’t always work in favor of their parents.

“Cambria had a loose tooth and I was trying to pin her down and pull it out.  And (her twin) jumped on top of me and was going to take me down,” Maisey said, recounting one incident that was challenging.

Still, mom knows the twins do these things out of love for each other.

“Because she was crying and he was going to protect her. Very protective,” Maisey said.

This isn’t the first time West Clinton Elementary has had a large number of twins.

The school’s secretary said they had 11 sets of twins 14 years ago.