Neighbor kills man, allegedly over dog poop

Posted at 10:21 PM, Mar 05, 2012

A volunteer worker for a Washington D.C. council candidate has been arrested. He's charged with killing his neighbor, police say.

Robert Wright, 37, was walking his friend's dog when his neighbor Ellsworth Colbert became angry.

Sources say it was because Colbert claimed the dog defecated on his property. According to charging documents an argument ensued and Colbert stabbed Wright to death.

Colbert worked as an active volunteer for the campaign of Washington council candidate Kevin Chavous.

He can be seen here in a gray blazer with Chavous at an event. Chavous says Colbert did not have a leadership role, that the campaign has had more than a hundred volunteers, and that he never saw it coming.

But according to sources Colbert has acted out before.

Court documents show Colbert has been charged with assault at least five times and in 1997 he was fired by the D.C. Department of Public Works after among other things, he got in a physical fight with his supervisor.