Henrico robbery occurred with babysitter and dad at the house

Posted at 10:51 PM, Mar 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-05 10:30:38-05

HENRICO, Va. (WTVR) - It was a typically quiet day on East Gray Street Saturday as Tina Davis left home for her doctor’s appointment.

"My babysitter was here with my six year old and my sixteen month old watching them," said Davis.

Davis had called for a sitter so that her husband Steven could finish doing some home maintenance work in a crawl space under their house.

Tina points to a small painted hatch leading underneath the home. "My husband was under the house right there pulling out this duct work," she said.

When Davis left her home around noon she recalls the front door was open. She claims it’s a mistake she'll ensure never happens again.

"They walked right in the front door," she said  "They had black masks on and they were going through the house."

The babysitter and neighbors described three in men in ski masks that came in to the home and immediately began to ransack it. It appeared to those inside that the men were trying to get as much as they could in short amount of time.

"They took guns, cell phones, my costume jewelry, my silver jewelry, my laptop," said Davis.

A nearby neighbor claims he saw the men leaving the home and one was carrying a long gun in his hand. That neighbor quickly got in his car and chased the men a short distance away to a wooded area.

He had Henrico police on the line during the pursuit.  He claimed the three men ditched the car and headed in to the woods.

Henrico police did a massive search of the area and arrested 20-year-old Trevor J. Watson and two juveniles.

Davis claims that the frightening  incident has made her family and her neighbors uneasy about their safety.

"I don't know why kids think they can come in and do stuff like this to people and get away with it," said Davis.