Chesterfield County school board approves budget, back pay for teachers

Posted at 11:50 PM, Feb 28, 2012
and last updated 2012-02-29 07:08:39-05

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va (WTVR)-  Chesterfield County school board voted unanimously to approve the $532 million spending plan.

It included money to restore back pay for teachers and staff whose pay was cut by two to three percent to make up a budget shortfall in 2010.

It also required employees hired after July 1, 2012 to direct five percent of their pay to the Virginia Retirement System.

Board members warned the plan could still change, because the district still faced a $7 million shortfall. Members were confident the state budget and Chesterfield County will help make up the difference.

The school budget is now headed to the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors who will vote on the plan in March.