Huguely Day 7: Experts discuss brain injuries and DNA details

Posted at 6:11 PM, Feb 14, 2012
and last updated 2012-02-15 13:19:18-05

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WTVR) - After two neuropathologists offered extensive testimony about the injuries they observed in Yeardley Love's brain, the prosecution called the Dr. William Gormley, the medical examiner who had testified on Monday.

Gormley gave more analysis to his findings. He said that given all the information collected during the various phases of Love's autopsy, he is convinced she died of blunt force trauma, adding that it was a significant blunt force trauma that caused her brain injury and her death.

He further explained that while there is only one primary cause of death, it often sets off a type of chain reaction in the body. He said this can create a separate mechanism of death, which was in Love's case a cardiac arrhythmia according to Gormley. Gormley also mentioned that the levels of Adderall and alcohol were not found in lethal levels.

After a brief witness describing patterns of blood stains found in Love's bedroom, the prosecution called a witness to disclose the much anticipated DNA evidence in the case.

Forensic scientist Angela Rainey said that the finger clippings taken from both Love and Huguely confirm that both of their DNA profiles could be found in each respective sample, indicating that Love had Huguely's DNA beneath her nails and vice versa.

Love's blood was found on various samples taken from the apartment including stains from her carpet, the underwear she was found in, her laptop cover, her bed sheets and comforter, bed apron and pillow case.

No positive traces of Huguely's blood were found in Love's room.

However, a hair sample taken from Love's bedroom door was confirmed to match Huguely.

Huguely's blue golf shirt that he reported wearing at the time of the crime was found to have no blood on it, nor did the flip flops he had on.

The blue shorts he said he was wearing that night did test positive for a blood sample on the back of the right leg. The sample included Huguely's DNA and another unknown profile or profiles that couldn't be determined.

Out of all the evidence collected from both Huguely's bathroom and his neighbor's across the hall, none that were tested could positively identify the presence of Love or Huguely's DNA.

Those samples included bath mats, drains, tub samples, trash from the trash can and swabs from the sink.

In fact only one sample tested positive for blood. That was a small spot found on Huguely's shower curtain, but the blood matched neither Love nor Huguely's profile.