Transgender inmate: Don’t judge me, I need sex change

Posted at 6:26 PM, Feb 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-02-06 13:16:37-05

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Transgender inmate Ophelia De`Lonta is begging the world not to judge her and desperately wants sex reassignment surgery.

De`Lonta said the worst part about living with Gender Identity Disorder is waking up and not seeing who she really is.

De`Lonta told CBS 6 News’ Shelby Brown Friday that she is a woman who feels trapped in a man`s body – and thinks the world is passing judgment.

De`Lonta , who is housed at the Buckingham Correctional Center , appealed a judge’s ruling that the Department of Corrections has done its part to treat her.

“It`s not just from my point of view medically necessary, but my doctors say it’s a medical necessity,” said De`Lonta.

In fact, De`Lonta said she realized in her teens that she was different.

However, she said she thought robbery would one day help her get enough money to pay for a sex change. But, it simply landed her in prison.

De`Lonta said a judge ruled the Department of Corrections would have to provide treatment. Since then, she`s been taking hormone therapy treatments behind bars.

Now, De`Lonta said she is beyond that and desperately needs the surgery. She has even tried to self-castrate.

“I don`t regret it, other than I didn`t finish.  The pain is a lot more bearable that the pain I go through every day,” said De`Lonta.

In addition, De`Lonta said she understands that people are concerned about tax dollars being spent on the procedure, but that she feels it is medically necessary.