Six-months after fatal wreck, husband still searches

Posted at 4:13 PM, Jan 27, 2012
and last updated 2012-01-27 16:16:44-05

Six months ago Nancy Shaffer was killed on Interstate 95, in a violent crash. The car flipped twice, having hit the jersey wall at 70 miles an hour. She was ejected from the vehicle and died. Now her husband asks the public for any information to help find the driver who caused the fatal accident.

Everybody in central Virginia was in Hurricane Irene clean-up mode last Aug. 28.

Very few remember a violent car accident that snarled traffic for hours on Interstate 95 and that cost Nancy Shaffer her life. State police said at least three people should remember it vividly; Shaffer’s husband and stepson, who were also injured, and the driver who may have caused the accident but just kept going.

Nancy’s name is engraved on a roadside cross on I-95 North.

“I can't go that way,” said Buddy Shaffer. “I still hear my wife’s last words in my head: ‘What was that?!’” “She said ‘Oh God,” before we hit the wall."

Buddy and his wife Nancy were returning to Henrico after a trip to Charlotte to pick up his son. It was at mile marker 57 that Buddy said they noticed an aggressive driver.

By mile marker 59 and a half, state police said that same car may very well have caused the deadly crash.

“We were cut off by the Altima,” said Buddy. “It had 18 to 20-inch low profile tires with tinted windows and it had a Dallas Cowboys sticker on the back window with three silver diamonds on the fender."

The Shaffer’s car spun twice then flipped twice. It slammed into a jersey wall at 60 to 70 miles per hour.

Nancy was ejected, Buddy was partially ejected, and his son broke his arm.

“Three plastic surgeries, three dental surgeries and half my face later…my heart is crushed and broken."

Buddy said he can’t start picking up the pieces until the driver that cut them off comes forward.

Police said that anyone with information about that car-- the Altima with the Dallas Cowboys sticker on it—to contact them at 553-3445.