Richmond Police: Don’t forget about security cameras

Posted at 12:07 PM, Jan 17, 2012
and last updated 2012-01-18 11:27:28-05

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - Caught on tape, that’s what police want to hear when they arrive at a crime scene. With today’s technology, that should be easy, but all too often, police are finding the video can’t be used. Simply put, if it is being recorded, which often it’s not, what video is recorded is either out of focus, grainy or dark.

So just like firefighters want you to change the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year, Richmond Police want owners of security cameras to take a few minutes to clean them up, put them in focus and guarantee the images are being recorded.

A few minutes can make a big difference, starting with cleaning the lens or the housing of all cameras using a simple lens cleaning cloth.

Make sure each camera is in focus, by pulling up the image full screen on your monitor and that each camera is being recorded, both of which can be quickly done.

Check the connections and wipe off any dust.

And when it comes to light, its good in the right places, just make sure it doesn’t blur out the image you are trying to capture.

All too often, camera systems are installed and forgotten until it’s too late.

And while some business owners don’t like to spend money for something that won’t make them money, others say it gives them and their employee’s peace of mind and causes some people to think twice about breaking the law.

Some security systems can now be connected to the internet so the owners can have access from anywhere, on their smart phone.