Short Pump bakery battles in Cupcake Wars

Posted at 10:22 PM, Jan 06, 2012
and last updated 2012-01-06 22:22:21-05

SHORT PUMP, VA (WTVR) – The Food Network has been good to the Richmond restaurant scene.

Whether it is Bobby Flay who challenged Buz and Ned’s Buz Grossberg in a barbecue Throwdown or Guy Fieri who learned Diners, Drive-ins and Dives recipes at the Village Cafe, the Food Network has given several local eateries a taste of the national spotlight.

Sunday night the Food Network light shined on Short Pump cupcake bakery Frostings.

Frostings was featured in a show called Cupcake Wars.

The show featured three bakeries competing to create the best tasting cakes while conforming to a chosen theme.

The theme for Frostings’ episode was the award-winning musical Wicked.

“The theme was really perfect for us,”Frostings owner and Executive Pastry Chef Matthew Fraker wrote in an email to CBS 6. “I’ve seen the show three times, so I knew the story really well. That knowledge and connection to the show was really helpful in being able to put together successful flavors and decorations.”

Fraker flew to Los Angeles in October to tape the episode.

Frostings finished as runner-up in the competition.

“The judging line is brutal,” recalled Fraker. “Watching them pick apart your cupcakes piece by piece, not knowing what they’re thinking.”

“All in all, a pretty amazing experience for us.  We’re so grateful that Food Network reached out to us and invited us to audition and that they selected us for the show,” he said.