Financial help available for Ukrop’s Monument 10K

Posted at 11:19 PM, Jan 06, 2012
and last updated 2012-01-06 23:20:18-05

RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) - If you've ever wanted to lace up the running or walking shoes and tackle the Ukrop`s Monument Avenue 10K, but found the event too steep in terms of price--well the Sports Backers wants to help you out.

This year, for the first time, runners and walkers in a lower income bracket will get a break on the price.

Sports Backers wants runners from all socio-economic backgrounds to tackle the 6.2 miles.

Runners or walkers looking for some guidance can join a training team, which includes entry into the 10k for just $10 if their income falls below twenty thousand dollars.

If you`re a runner and need an extra push taking that next step, then Cheryl Oliver is your woman. “For me it`s a blast. The training team makes all of the difference in the world. I look forward to encouraging other people.”

Coach Cheryl is leading new runners, training for the race. Cheryl, a full time Mom, never considered running as a sport to stay fit. "I had a friend who talked me into the 10K and that was it. And I was hooked,” Cheryl said.

“This is definitely a golden opportunity especially for those who didn`t think they could afford to do it,” Cheryl added.

“The more we reach out, the more the whole community will get involved,” Jon Lugbill, from Sports Backers, said

Coach Cheryl will be there every step of the way on Saturday mornings.

“Someone like Cheryl who has been through that understands what it takes to get people motivated and excited.”

Coach Cheryl admitted that training for a 10K isn`t easy, but said the rewards at the end of the road are certainly worth it. She encourages people to just try, and to put aside doubts and fears.

“All of those times that you didn`t want to get up makes it all worth it crossing the finish line,” she said. “Plus, the medal.”

The new 10k training team locations can be found at Richmond Community Hospital in Church Hill and at St. Paul’s Baptist Church in Southside Plaza.

Training starts January 21st.