Father returns from Iraq to surprise children at school

Posted at 1:39 PM, Dec 15, 2011
and last updated 2011-12-15 13:39:43-05

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WTVR) - A Chesterfield soldier returned home from Iraq early on Tuesday and surprised his children at their elementary school.

“The only Christmas present I wanted was to come home and see everybody,” said Sgt. Jason Glidden.

Glidden was not supposed to return from Iraq for another six months. But he was among the soldiers sent home early as the U.S. mission in Iraq comes to an end.

After that, he quickly tracked down his other two children, including daughter Cameryn, who was paying close attention to her teacher when dad surprised her.

Glidden said he couldn't be more excited to be home in time for Christmas w, but knows he's returning to some things he'll need to catch up on. There have been some hardships felt by his absence.

“Time stops for me when I go over there [Iraq], but it keeps going over here, and that's the hardest part, because when I come home, I missed everything,” said Glidden.

Now that he is home, Glidden has a new mission, to make up for lost time.

"I've got to listen. That's the biggest thing. I've got to just sit down and listen and pay attention," Glidden said.