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Beauvine Burger Concept is working to keep customers and employees safe

Posted at 5:07 PM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-17 19:00:20-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- Beauvine Burger Concept on West Main Street in the Fan serves Artisan burgers and milkshakes, wings, fries, and a selection of handmade sodas.

Co-owner Kelsey Aiken said their menu has touches of French, California, and Southern food flavors.

Beauvine Burger Concept Richmond restaurant 07.jpg
Beauvine Burger Concept

Aiken said the restaurant has remained open throughout the pandemic but decided to stick with outdoor dining only.

"We haven't sat inside once. We plan not to do so. We just want to provide as safe an environment as possible," Aiken said. "But we do outdoor dining, takeout, curbside service, delivery, contactless. Whatever really the needs and demands are of the customer. We try to accommodate that without doing indoor dining."

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Beauvine Burger Concept

She said part of their initial pivot was to assign their employees multiple jobs.

"Luckily, we were already set up for kind of a takeout, to-go model. But we quickly made the decision to take our servers and bartenders and to convert them into our own delivery drivers," she said. "So we offer our own delivery, it is free. There are obviously map constraints, just to preserve quality and to make sure everything's there on time. But we tried to bring everything in-house as much as we could, in order to provide for our employees and to keep the quality going for all of our customers as well."

Aiken said the love Beauvine Burger Concept has received from the community has been amazing and will be much needed throughout the holidays and winter months.

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Beauvine Burger Concept

"We're very understanding that everyone is in a tight spot. We've been very lucky to make it as far as we have. But the winters are ridiculously tough. It's the holidays, people are saving their money. They don't really have much money, people are unemployed. So the community as much as they have been able to they've been great. We obviously want everyone in the community and the community afterwards, especially the restaurant [and] service industry to survive and kind of thrive because so many places have closed," she said. "We are here. We're here to serve you guys. We appreciate all the support. And we continue to go as long as we possibly can. And we'll make it through this and hopefully be stronger because of it."

Beauvine Burger Concept
1501 West Main Street
Richmond, Va. 23220

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