2 days left to vote early: 'Get out and vote. No matter what'

Posted at 1:02 PM, Oct 30, 2020

HENRICO COUNTY , Va. -- In the final rush before Election Day, voters were met with long lines at the Henrico West General Registrar’s Office Friday.

“When we pulled up, you’re thinking, ‘oh it’s just ending around the sidewalk, but around the corner — it’s pretty far back,” Danielle Dougles who waited in line with her father, said.

But no matter the wait, Dougles said this election was worth standing in line. She stood with her father, George Gascon, who came to visit from Lafayette, Louisiana. He said he’d already voted by mail.

“It’s a valuable right,” said Gascon. “If you don’t exercise it it’s like you don’t have it.”

Meanwhile, the Diaz’s walked out of the Henrico Registrar’s Office, after just casting their ballots Friday morning.

“We stood in the line for an hour but it was moving very quickly,” said Yamel Agostini-Diaz

The family said they didn’t want to put it off to the final day.

“We wanted to make sure that nothing happened on the last day and that out vote counted,” said Agostini-Diaz, “Because you never know.”

“Early voting is very important especially for this election,” said Mark Diaz. “I think this is one of the most important elections in the history of this country.”

They had a message for those who have not yet voted.

“Get out and vote, get out and vote,” Agostini-Diaz said.

“No matter what,” Diaz added.

In Chesterfield, the registrar reported a total of more than 136,000 early ballots cast as of Thursday.

In Hanover, the registrar reported more than 40,000 as of Thursday.

The final day to vote early was set for Saturday.

Election Day was set for Tuesday, November 3.

Key Dates and Deadlines in Virginia

Friday, Sept. 18: Early, In-Person Voting Begins
Thursday, Oct. 15: Voter Registration Deadline
Friday, Oct. 23: Request Absentee/Mail-In Ballot Deadline
Saturday, Oct. 31: Early, In-Person Voting Ends
Tuesday, Nov. 3 is Election Day: In-Person Voting
Tuesday, Nov. 3: Absentee/Mail-In Postmark by Date
Friday, Nov. 6: Absentee/Mail-In Delivered By Date