How to Search Public Records - 3 Different Options

1:35 PM, Apr 03, 2023
1:35 PM, Apr 03, 2023

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If you're wondering about the people in your personal life, people search free public records can be of great help. It can uncover essential intel about your romantic partner, potential love interest, relatives, acquaintances, and people living near you. 

This can be a useful tool to decide if it's safe to start a relationship or continue being friends with people. For all your background check needs, from discovering general data to doing a reverse phone number search, we advise using BeenVerified, PeopleLooker, or TruthFinder.

These services are always our top choices for Search Public Records.



How To Search Public Records

It’s pivotal to search public records in order to be certain of the individuals around you. Examining public records can give valuable knowledge that confirms people are legitimate. Public records are facts that anyone can watch. 

Although these Search Public Records are public, they’re not always complimentary, simple to reach, or can be downloaded from the web. If you're wondering about the individuals surrounding you in your personal life, a people search free public records search can be of great help. 

Option 1: Use Public Records Search Tools

When researching someone's background, you can employ public records search tools to get more information about that individual. Utilizing people search services can be beneficial, as they can provide data quickly, including social media profiles, contact details, and location. 

These tools bring together Search Public Records that can be obtained by using a search engine. We suggest this approach as these tools retrieve all the data you need and compile it in a simple way to comprehend. 

Furthermore, Search Public Records can be done within minutes, unlike the other two strategies which may take weeks. If you decide to follow this method, we recommend BeenVerified, PeopleLooker, or TruthFinder



The following is the full list of our top-rated services to look up public records:

Option 2: Search Online Databases

It’s essential to go to the webpage of the regional, state, government, or court that applies to your background search. People search for free public records by looking for documents in the site's online database, providing the full name of the individual whose records they’re seeking to get precise results.

Generally, you can get marriage and divorce records at the county or state level. You can search for death records on the local secretary of state's site. You can look up immigration records on the National Archives website and multiple immigration portals.

Apart from this, you can access criminal or civil court records in the district or county archives.

Option 3: Request Public Records

To search public records, such as those for motor vehicle registration and finances, you may need to submit a request to the state or county government. You can do this via email, letter, or a web form, depending on the requirements of the government agency.

People search for free public records by looking for documents in the website's online database, making sure to provide the full name of the individual whose records they’re seeking to get precise results. 

However, it’s possible that the information may not be disclosed if it would breach personal privacy, national security, or law enforcement protocols.



Types of Public Records You Should Search For

When researching the history of your romantic partner, friends, or relatives, you can search through different kinds of Search Public Records. A few of the most common ones you can access are:

  • Previous Rental/Eviction Records
  • Case Files in Civil Cases
  • Financial Standings
  • The Official Record of a Deceased Person
  • Prior Experience While Behind the Wheel
  • Registration of Birth
  • The Divorce Books
  • Documentation of Criminal Offenses
  • Land Ownership
  • Official Documentation of Marriage

The choice of the most appropriate people search free public records for you relies on the kind of information you’re looking for about someone. This is why we suggest employing a background investigation tool, for example, BeenVerified, to assemble all available data for you in one spot promptly.



What You Need To Know About Search Public Records

Before commencing a public records search, it’s essential to comprehend if this is the most suitable method for attaining the data you’re looking for. If you decide to carry out the Search Public Records yourself, it could take weeks to obtain the results.

Hence, it’s paramount to have the required primary information for the Search Public Records at hand to avoid wasting time. In this article, we will address the essential queries about people searching free public records that you must know before initiating the process.

What Are Public Records?

Documents that are not confidential and are accessible to anyone are known as public records. People can easily look at or download these documents to obtain the data they have. 

Public records are generated or submitted in accordance with public regulations or organization activities. 

Search Public Records were initially only available in print, but many government organizations are now making digital copies that can be saved and accessed through online databases.

What Is a Public Records Search?

A public records search involves uncovering documents that are accessible to everyone. It’s done by people who would like to learn more about the history of others with whom they already know or are interested in knowing.

It’s also undertaken by people who want to discover what kind of data is available about themselves in the public domain.



What Are the Benefits of Searching for Public Records?

Search Public Records were once only available in printed form, but many government organizations are now making digital copies accessible through online databases.

  • Accurate Information: Government documents include personal information such as date of birth, marital status, and whereabouts. This authenticated data can validate the accuracy of the details which the person has given to you
  • Informed Choice: Utilizing a public record search to conduct a background check can help you determine whether you should initiate or continue a romantic or platonic relationship with someone
  • Identification Verification: Official documents can be used to prove someone's true identity as they show their full name
  • Safety Check: Examining legal documents can show if the person being investigated has been engaged in any preceding or present legal issues 

Best 7 Public Records Search Tools

If you’re looking for data about individuals in your social group, people search free public records tools can help you quickly and easily. Here are the top five public records search tools that you can utilize for your own investigation.

  1. BeenVerified ($26.89/mo) - The most effective way to look up public documents
  2. PeopleLooker ($22.86/mo) - Optimal for Fast and Precise Performance
  3. TruthFinder ($28.05 / 1 month or $46.56 / 2 months) - An abundance of data + Sophisticated Search Public Records capabilities
  4. Spokeo (Custom) - A wide range of data sources combined with multiple functions.
  5. Instant Checkmate ($34.78 / 1 month or $83.47 / 3 months) - Simple to operate + Speciality in searching criminal records
  6. Intelius ($24.86 / 30 days or $42.25 / 60 days) - A 256-bit encrypted link that guarantees customers' privacy
  7. PeopleFinders ($24.95 /mo or $29.95 /mo) - Offering great bang for the buck + Years of knowledge and skill

If you’re interested in learning how to access public records quickly, you can use available Search Public Records tools which will provide you with essential information to verify if someone is who they say they are. 

Check out the characteristics and costs of the people search free public records tools on our list to select the one that’s best suited to your investigation.



1. BeenVerified: Best Tool to Search Public Records Overall

BeenVerified is an outstanding public record search platform due to its court runner service that dispatches a BeenVerified worker to courts for documents that have not been added to the site. 

Both Android and iOS users can access mobile apps. After selecting any number of data points, you can initiate your investigation. If you pay in advance for three months, you will get a discount. Nevertheless, single searches can not be done on the website; you must have a membership. 

Once all of the "loading" windows are done, the only thing visible will be the prices. Consumers are displeased since the reports present fewer details compared to those given by other excellent background check websites.




2. PeopleLooker: Best Public Records Search Tool for Speed & Accuracy

PeopleLooker is a user-friendly website that offers a range of services, such as background checks and address/reverse phone lookups, by collecting data from multiple sources.

People can use this website to easily find details about a person, such as their contact information, criminal records, and other personal information.

Although the accuracy of the data may differ, PeopleLooker is still a helpful platform for those who require information about someone for either personal or business purposes.

PeopleLooker attempts to guarantee the precision of the data they supply; however, there are times when the information might be old, incomplete, or erroneous. 

Search Public Records were once only available in printed form, but many government organizations are now making digital copies accessible through online databases.




3. TruthFinder: Best for Value of Money

TruthFinder is an application that allows you to search public records for almost everyone living in the United States. It grants you access to billions of public records and gathers data from state, federal, city, and county digital archives.

It then presents the information in an organized and easy-to-read report. The tool can be used to find out a person's name, phone number, mailing address, and email address in a few minutes. 

You can also see personal details, location history, permits, criminal records, financial details, social media accounts, and dating accounts. With TruthFinder, you no longer need to waste time visiting various government offices and courthouses, as all the data is accessible online.

We gave TruthFinder the most recognized as the leading public records search tool due to its enormous data collection, refined features, and protection capabilities. You can narrow down the excess search public records results with the filters, and you can even pass the obtained information to others. 

It also encrypts the data it sends, so your details are secure. On top of this, it provides you with instructions that are in line with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) so you can appropriately use the reports.




4. Intelius: Best for Confidentiality

Intelius is widely known for providing the public with information on people and the relationships they have with other people. It offers background checks which provide you with an understanding of the present and past of the people you associate with. 

Its search engine collects data from several sources and brings it to one spot. The Intelius service can be used to locate people, phone numbers, addresses, and criminal records if you're going to make new friends or reconnect with old ones. 

It can also be used to determine what is included in your background check and who is phoning you. Intelius stands out from other Search Public Records tools as it takes customer privacy seriously.

All searches are secured with 256-bit encryption and Intelius promises to never notify the people you have looked up on the platform. Read this Intelius review for more information.




5. PeopleFinders: Best for Speedy Results

PeopleFinders has been around for a long time and is a well-known Search Public Records  resource. It has access to the white pages and more than 6,000 other databases. 

It enables users to search for people by name, address, and phone number, along with information about their assets, property, criminal history, connections, and family. We have rated PeopleFinders highly for its cost-effective monthly plans. 

In this article, we will address the essential queries about people search free public records that you need to be aware of before initiating the process. 




6. Instant Checkmate: Best for Simplicity

Instant Checkmate is a service that provides access to public records in the United States. It allows users to look up a person's aliases, ages, locations, and court documents.

The platform can be used to examine someone's criminal background, as it offers information about felonies, sex offenses, misdemeanors, or speeding tickets. It can also reveal if a person was ever arrested or served in jail.

We recognize Instant Checkmate as the best among people search tools due to its user-friendliness. As soon as you commence your Search Public Records, the platform will direct you with pop-up notifications to include more information about the individual to refine your findings.

It also makes it uncomplicated to take yourself off the search database through a visible alternative in the footer section. All searches are secured by 128-bit encryption and Norton protection.


Subscription Packages



7. Spokeo: Best for Versatility

Spokeo is a Search Public Records service that provides comprehensive reports regarding personal background information. With the help of this service, one can seek out names, aliases, contact information, social media profiles, location data, family connections, and court documents. 

This platform can also be used to locate individuals and establish contact with them. It supplies up-to-date reports while the user's Spokeo account stays active. As the databases continuously collect more information, new data will be added to the reports.

Spokeo is highly revered for its all-around usefulness amongst public record search tools due to the broad range of sources it draws information from. It compiles more than 12 billion records from property data, historical documents, court files, and social media sources.

It can be used for a variety of tasks such as performing a background check, finding lost acquaintances, or ensuring that one is not being taken advantage of.


  • Custom: If you need to people search for free public records, you can always go for the regular membership plan. For a modest fee, the premium membership offers thorough data and exclusive advantages.



Final Thoughts on the Best Public Records Search Tools

There are numerous Search Public Records tools that can be utilized to uncover valuable information about people who you have existing and potential relationships with. 

This data can be used to decide if you should form friendships with new neighbors, strengthen family relationships with relatives, or even if you should proceed with a marriage. 

BeenVerified is the best tool we evaluated, with its affordability, user-friendliness, and results available within minutes. Sign up today and give it a go with your first search; you'll be provided with a compilation of Search Public Records information about your chosen person.

Public Records Search Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Conducting a Search Public Records is not a simple process and can be very long if you don't know the proper sources. To help you find the right data for your research, we have put together a few of the most frequently asked queries. 



Is It Legal To Conduct a Public Records Search?

It’s completely permissible to Search Public Records in the United States due to the passage of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in 1967. This act provides Americans with the authority to ask for information from federal government agencies. 

However, the only Search Public Records that are excluded are those that could endanger national security, invade individual privacy, or go against law enforcement tenets.

Why Should You Conduct a Public Records Search?

To safeguard yourself, you should conduct Public Records Search to obtain pertinent data about others. These Search Public Records prove the identity and specifics of other persons. The content within them can give you more knowledge about the history and nature of your partner, friends, and family.

What Are Public Records Search Tools?

Public records search tools are like search engines or services that collate and organize data from different sources. This info is then presented in a simple, understandable format. Using these Search Public Records tools can save you time and energy when investigating the backgrounds of individuals in your close circle.

What Can I Legally Use Public Records Search Tools For?

It’s permissible to use people search free public records tools for individual reasons. You can investigate the backgrounds of individuals you’re presently connected with or may possibly become associated with, such as your romantic partner, neighbors, acquaintances, and relatives.

As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it’s illegal for you to employ these tools for business objectives, for instance, employee screening, credit assessment, loan eligibility, or tenant screening.



What Are the Best Public Records Search Tools?

It can be tough to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent search public records.  tools available nowadays. We have evaluated numerous of them to determine the best option for you. 

In our opinion, BeenVerified is the number one Search public records engine due to its access to plentiful data sources, advanced capabilities, and safety features.



DISCLAIMER: You may not use the non-FCRA approved services mentioned in this article or the information they provide to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. These services don’t provide consumer reports and are not consumer reporting agencies. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., (“FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.)

The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. The services we mention do not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review each service’s Terms of Use.

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