Pets Best Pet Insurance Review 2023 – What to Look Out For?

7:46 AM, Mar 16, 2023

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In our Pets Best pet insurance review, we have put together a thorough guide that examines the features and advantages of Pets Best pet insurance to assist you in making the best choice.

Pets Best is one of the few pet insurance providers that cover wheelchairs and prosthetics for animals that have arthritis. As a result, it immediately stood out when we set out to identify the best reliable pet insurance providers in 2023.

For people who want to pay for comprehensive insurance and need it, these options provide a lot of freedom.

It could be challenging to compare all of the pet insurance options available. Yet we believe Pets Best is a business that deserves consideration.

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Pros and Cons 

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, we found a few differences between Pets Best's coverage and those of other insurance providers. A few things may be improved, but we were happy to see that accident-only insurance was affordable and that all animal age groups had insurance.


  • There are several exercise and wellness courses offered often.
  • 24/7 availability of veterinary telehealth services.
  • Only three days pass before accident compensation begins to be paid.
  • You have a couple different options when it comes to your deductible.
  • 5% of your total cost will be deducted for each extra pet.
  • If your primary care doctor gives the go-ahead, your vet could be prepared to pay for your medical bills directly.


  • This plan is distinctive in that complementary or alternative treatments are not included.
  • Patients who have cruciate ligament problems must wait six months before they may be covered by insurance.

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Our Verdict

Insurance from Pets Best is affordable and trustworthy. By providing a selection of deductibles, we've made it simple to budget for potential costs.

It is comforting to know that Pets Best received an A+ rating from the BBB after carefully examining its insurance policy and the goals of other companies. This demonstrates that the company values its clients.

Choosing Pets Best can be a smart move if your pet is prone to conditions like hip dysplasia or degenerative joint disease.

As discussed below, our Pets Best pet insurance review also shows they also have more lenient rules than other businesses. They provide clients with a choice of limitless annual coverage and a variety of deductibles.

More than $200 million in claims have been paid out by this firm since its inception in 2005, and if you're not happy with your coverage during the first month, you may get your money back.

Find out if pet insurance Pets Best is the best choice for you!

What Does Pets Best Pet Insurance Cover?

The BestBenefit Plan from Pets Best is a comprehensive insurance program designed to pay for unforeseen costs that can arise from an incident or injury.

To make it simpler for consumers to choose, this group offers pet owners a range of programs at varying prices. Such coverage is a common component of the majority of these plans.

Examples include:

  • Fractured bones, ingesting foreign objects, and car accidents. Infections resulting from earaches, diabetes, cancer, and urinary tract infections (UTIs) are also covered.

  • Stays in hospitals and other types of medical treatments.
  • Body reconditioning practices such as acupuncture and chiropractic.
  • Pharmacological first aid.
  • Costs Associated with medical testing.
  • Among the many illnesses that run in families or are present at birth are glaucoma, cherry eye, hip and elbow dysplasia, and epilepsy.
  • Imaging modalities like CT and MRI, as well as conventional lab work, may help in the diagnostic process.

For emergency scenarios like snake bites, fractured bones, and unintentional ingestion, Pets Best provides an accident-only insurance package.

If you have an older dog and can't afford more expensive accident and sickness insurance or fulfill the requirements for health insurance, this is a great alternative. However, if you’re looking for insurance for your feline friend, you may want to check out the best pet insurance for cats.

Find out if Pets Best is the best choice for you!

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Pets Best Plans

Pets Best provides a variety of insurance plans, including an accident-only plan, two healthcare alternatives, and three layers of sickness and accident protection.


The Essential plan covers costs associated with accidents and injuries, such as ambulance and medical services.

Nevertheless, the cost of seeing the doctor, physical therapy, acupuncture, or other alternative therapies is not reimbursed.

  • $50 to $1,000 in deductions.
  • Possibilities for reimbursement: 70%, 80%, or 90%.
  • Maximum Per Year: $5,000 or Unlimited.


The Plus plan will compensate you for any veterinary visits required to identify or treat your pet's covered wounds or diseases in addition to what the Essential plan provides.

  • $50 to $1,000 in deductions.
  • Maximum Per Year: $5,000 or Unlimited.
  • Possibilities for reimbursement: 70%, 80%, or 90%.

Elite Pets Best Pet Insurance Review

Supplemental treatments like acupuncture and physical therapy are included in the Elite plan, which is a tier above the Plus plan.

  • Possibilities for reimbursement: 70%, 80%, or 90%.
  • Maximum Per Year: $5,000 or Unlimited.
  • $50 to $1,000 in deductions.


The accidental sickness and injury insurance policy from Pets Best is intended to aid with the costs associated with treating unforeseen medical emergencies, including poisoning, fractures, and gastrointestinal problems.

It does not, however, cover any illnesses, including dental problems, joint pain, or cancer.

  • $10,000 maximum per year.
  • $250 in deductibles.
  • Alternatives for Compensation: 90%.

Routine Care Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews

You may choose to include one of Pets Best's two unique plans in your insurance coverage.

  • BestWellness: This plan provides a yearly benefit of $355, with partial reimbursement for certain preventative care services such as rabies vaccinations, microchipping, and health checks.
  • EssentialWellness: In terms of reimbursement for approved treatments, the EssentialWellness plan is more generous, up to a maximum yearly amount of $535. Moreover, it covers dental cleanings and spaying and neutering services for clients.

Find out if Pets Best is the best choice for you!

What Pets Best Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, despite the fact that Pets Best pet insurance provides a detailed strategy that pays for a wide range of medical bills, certain charges are still not covered by the policy. 

Some exclusions include, for instance:

  • Natural remedies, pharmaceuticals, and supplementary and alternative medicine.
  • Pre-existing conditions that existed prior to the start of your insurance policy.
  • Such operations include dewclaw removal, tail docking, ear trimming, and nail clipping (both aesthetic and preventative).
  • Feeding, waste removal, supplements, bathing, vitamin administration, grooming, and any other non-medical services you provide for your pet that are not ordered by the vet.
  • Vitamins, specialized meals, or supplements.

Pets Best Waiting Periods for Coverage

Many pet insurance policies include a waiting time after purchase before coverage begins. The waiting period is the name given to this time frame.

Pets Best provides three possible waiting time lengths.

  • Six-month waiting period for cruciate ligament issues.
  • A waiting period of fourteen days for illness.
  • Three-day waiting period for accidents.

Unlike Spot or Healthy Paws, which need 14 or 15 days, Pets Best offers a faster three-day 

waiting time for accidents. The typical wait time before treating a disease is 14 days. You can see other waiting periods to compare in our Pumpkin Pet Insurance Review and our ASPCA pet insurance review.

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, we discovered that in contrast to other carriers, Pets Best has a six-month waiting period for cruciate ligament damage. Insuring your dog against cruciate ligament injuries should have a short waiting period if you own a breed predisposed to this condition.

Find out if Pets Best is the best choice for you!

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Coverage Levels

Pets Best Pet Insurance offers customizable coverage plans that cover accidents, illnesses, and routine care. 

With varying coverage limits, deductibles, and reimbursement percentages, pet owners can choose a plan that fits their budget and their pet's needs. This provider is highly regarded in Pets Best Pet Insurance reviews for their flexibility and peace of mind they provide to pet owners.

Maximum Annual Limit Options

The yearly amount of money that most pet insurance companies will pay customers is often capped. Nevertheless, Pets Best offers two options for individuals who wish to restrict their coverage.

  • $5,000.
  • Unlimited.

Deductible Options

Until the deductible is paid,Pets Best won't pay any veterinarian expenses. They provide a number of deductible choices from $50 to $1,000.

Reimbursement Options

The majority of pet insurance policies set payment thresholds and provide reimbursement. Upon the payment of the deductible, Pets Best offers 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursements

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews

When it comes to pet insurance, Pets Best is universally regarded as the top option. Here, we'll learn what policyholders think about their coverage, how quickly they respond to inquiries, and how they manage claims.

The fact that there will always be both positive and negative assessments on any subject must always be kept in mind.

For an impartial verdict, 365 Pet Insurance has offered a few evaluations, both positive and negative.

One policyholder, for instance, said that the insurance has been really valuable. They have had access to the greatest treatment while saving money because of the 90% coverage. The coverage has a fair annual cost of $100, and the needed deductible is manageable.

According to Justin and Emmeline L., Pets Best's method for submitting claims is simple, and their peace of mind is invaluable. Also, it is practical because they automatically invoice premiums. 

Because of my varied experience with it, I would not advise anybody to use it. The processing of the claims was lengthy, and their level of customer service was poor.

Even while they undoubtedly are making every effort, it is clear that they lack the manpower or resources necessary to resolve issues quickly. 

Missy F., however, has a different viewpoint. She asserts that Pets Best treats her like royalty and that every time she has inquired or made a claim, she has received a prompt response with specifics.

On their website, I particularly liked how simple it was to fill out forms and access information. I have made a number of claims, one of which was expensive due to an incident involving my cat, and each one was fully paid for.

Find out if Pets Best is the best choice for you!

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Discounts

Pets Best provides a variety of discounts if you want to reduce the price of pet insurance.

  • The more animals you insure under the same policy, the more you save.
  • All vets are entitled to a 10% discount, as are employees and clients of Pets Best.

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Pets Best vs. Competitors

See how Pets Best stacks up against the competition in monthly premiums, claims processing times, and mobile app availability below. While it is an excellent place to start when comparing the various suppliers, further investigation into each business is required.

How We Carry Out Our Pets Best Pet Insurance Review

Data from was used to rate pet insurance providers and determine which one offered the most complete coverage. In our Pets Best pet insurance review, the following variables were used in the comparison:

Pet insurance rates: To work out the mean of the premiums for dog health insurance plans, we took into account those that provided unrestricted coverage, a $500 deductible, and a 90% repayment rate - all of which mirrored the policy used as an illustration.

Special waiting period: Policies with no waiting period, delays of less than half a year, or the option to skip the waiting period got a higher rating. A few pet insurance companies have instituted waiting periods for certain issues such as hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament problems.

Direct payment to the vet: Businesses that offered insurance and the opportunity to pay a veterinarian directly received 10% of the total.

24/7 vet health line: Insurance providers having a 24-hour veterinary health line received 10% of the ranking for this criteria.

Routine wellness plans: If insurers offered extra wellness and health programs worth 10% of the total, they were rewarded with points.

Pays veterinary exam fees: 10% of the total cost may be reimbursed when a pet has to see the vet because of an illness or accident, however not all insurance plans will pay for the exam. Points are awarded for insurance policies that do cover vet visits.

Euthanasia or end-of-life expenses: Five percent of the entire amount was given to insurers who pay for funeral, cremation, and burial expenses.

Multipet discount: After their total coverage surpassed 5%, businesses that offered pet insurance for several animals received a discount.

Find out if Pets Best is the best choice for you

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Advantages of Pets Best Pet Insurance?

Pets Best offers a number of programs to fit your budget. At just $6 and $9 per month, respectively, the accident-only insurance for dogs and cats comes with a one-month money-back guarantee and a five percent discount for getting additional animals.

Other than that, unlike other best life insurance companies, there is no upper age restriction for eligibility for pet coverage, and there are two price categories for additional coverage for health programs.

To see how Pets Best measures up, you can compare services with our Spot pet insurance review.

How Do I File a Claim With Pets Best?

The distinction between pet insurance and human insurance is who gets reimbursed for the costs. Pets Best will reimburse the pet owner for any necessary veterinarian care after they have verified the claim.

You may submit a claim using the corresponding form that can be downloaded, the mobile application, the online, the mail, or a fax machine.

Does Pets Best Cover Exotic Animals?

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, the distinction between pet insurance and human insurance is who gets reimbursed for the costs. Pets Best will reimburse the pet owner for any necessary veterinarian care after they have verified the claim.

You may submit a claim using the corresponding form that can be downloaded, the mobile application, the online, the mail, or a fax machine.

Does Pets Best Insurance Require a Medical Exam?

In our Pets Best pet insurance review we discovered that although a physical exam or copies of your pet's medical records aren't required to enroll in a Pets Best plan, they will be requested from your veterinarian if and when a claim is made.

We'll start your pet's coverage as soon as we can. You have three to fourteen days after signing up for the plan to file an accident or sickness claim.

How Does Pets Best Reimbursement Work?

You need to file a claim in order to be reimbursed for any extra costs you spent. Pets Best will attempt to confirm and approve your request after reviewing it.

The veterinarian will be called and asked for medical records in order to avoid having the claim tied to a pre-existing ailment. The claims team, which includes certified veterinarians and veterinary technicians, will conduct an examination after receiving the data.

If your claim is approved, you will be compensated by check or an electronic money transfer.

What Does Pets Best Not Cover?

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, we discovered that pre-existing conditions are not covered by Pets Best, as they are by most other pet insurance providers. This means that any medical condition your pet has that was present before the grace period ended is regarded as a pre-existing sickness.

Pets Best also doesn't foot the bill for elective surgeries, special diets, vitamins, or any other kind of alternative medicine. The provider has created three-day, fourteen-day, and six-month waiting periods for accidents, diseases, and ruptured knee cruciate ligaments, so you should review your plan carefully.

Anything that takes place outside of these hours won't be covered.

Find out if Pets Best is the best choice for you

Does Pets Best Cover Hip Dysplasia?

An animal that has become inflicted with any genetic sickness, for example, cherry eye, elbow and hip dysplasia, IVDD, glaucoma, luxating patella, epilepsy, or Wobbler Syndrome, after the insurance coverage with Pets Best has begun, may be entitled to reimbursement after the 14-day waiting period, as long as the symptoms were not existing before enrolling in the policy.

Does Pets Best Cover Dental?

If a person can provide proof that their pet had a tooth cleaning under anesthesia within the previous 13 months of enrolling, Pets Best will cover the expenses of treating periodontal disease.

For teeth cleanings and other types of preventive dental treatment, dogs two years of age or younger may get a $150 incentive via the Pets Best Wellness plan.

Does Pets Best Cover Spaying?

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, we discovered that Pets Best provides a $150 discount on sterilization operations to policyholders who also enroll in the Best Wellness add-on to their basic pet insurance plan.

Does Pets Best Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

Pets Best, like many other pet insurance companies, does not pay for veterinary care for illnesses that have been identified before and including the waiting period.

Does Pets Best Cover IVDD?

After enrollment, Pets Best will pay for any IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease)-related medical expenses that may develop. This covers all occurrences brought on by hereditary or genetic problems. Even in an emergency, the business does not provide boarding or transportation services for animals.

Does Pets Best Pay a Vet Directly?

If your insurance claim is approved, Pets Best may be able to swiftly pay your veterinarian, saving you from having to cover the bulk of the bill yourself.

Also, if the cost exceeds $1,000, you may ask whether the claim can be preauthorized so that both you and the veterinarian are aware of the extent of the coverage.

Your veterinarian will need to approve a release first, demonstrating their comprehension and agreement with the rules, nevertheless, before the money is made. See your veterinarian as usual, but bring cash for the remainder of the bill once Pets Best has paid its share.

Your veterinarian will be happy to cover the costs up until the funds are returned if you are not able to maintain your pet's health while you wait for repayment.

You may be sure you have legitimate pet insurance coverage and can expect reimbursement since you have previously gotten authorization when it pertains to caring for your pet.

But you'll still be responsible for the vet bill's deductible, co-pay, and anything else that goes beyond the claim's coverage

Moreover, you must continue to file your claim online, just as previously. If you have a dog and are interested in other options after reading our Pets Best pet insurance review, you might want to check out our best pet insurance for dogs review.

Find out if Pets Best is the best choice for you

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

The time is right to assess the benefits of Pets Best's pet insurance. The advantages of regular vet care and the extensive coverage are alluring. The app makes it simple to submit and monitor claims, and the quick reimbursement is a fantastic perk.

With this insurance, you are free to choose the veterinarian and any other care your pet may need. After 24 hours of completing the quick sign-up procedure, you may begin submitting claims for routine medical treatment.

If you can change your deductible and the amount of reimbursement, you can save a ton of money. In conclusion, we consider Pets Best to be a solid pet insurance substitute.

Even having pet insurance, expenses for treating illnesses or injuries in animals like dogs and cats may add up quickly.

Often, wheelchairs and prosthetics for your pet are not covered by a pet insurance policy. But Pets Best has a strategy that does. There are a variety of plans to choose from, with varying deductibles, return percentages, and annual maximums to help you stay within your financial limits.

Our in-depth Pets Best pet insurance review showed quick claims processing and reimbursement times, typically done within a few weeks. Before you enter into a contract or file a claim, be certain that Pets Best's or any other insurer's coverage is enough for your pet's needs.

Find out if Pets Best is the best choice for you

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