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The internet offers numerous possibilities to make new friends, find a partner, and even locate a housemate. However, it’s essential to be extremely careful when dealing with people you have not met in person. A great way to ascertain that the online acquaintances you have are safe to be around is to run an Intelius people search on them. Read this Intelius review to uncover more about it.

Several individuals are questioning whether the service is reliable or not. We explored its service and studied numerous customer reviews online to get the answer. We discovered that Intelius people search is a reputable background check provider and can provide the necessary data. 



Intelius Review – Company Overview

Originally based on the now-defunct Infospace search engine, Seattle, Washington's Intelius was established in 2003. Since then, the firm has acquired many databases for checking applicants' histories, including Family Builder, and Bothell. It has quickly become the industry standard for online background checks.

Is Intelius Legit?

The app has been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau beginning in 2021. This Intelius people search will help you determine whether this service is right for you. Let's start by weighing the pros and cons.

Intelius Pros

  • Different price tiers and package choices for subscriptions
  • Easy-to-use
  • Massive repository of public documents
  • Easy-to-navigate web pages
  • Excellent Android and iOS app development

Intelius Cons

  • Information in reports is sometimes lacking
  • Minimal assistance for customers
  • There’s no clear pricing structure



Things To Consider Before Buying an Intelius Background Check Report

If you're going to subscribe to or pay for a background check service, you should make sure that the data you acquire is reliable and applicable. A basic internet search won't cut it.

You can't have a fully functional Intelius membership without getting access to all of the app's search tools. Background check firms that are reliable and trustworthy also tend to offer their results quickly. The information provided should be reliable and useful enough to use in the search for a lost loved one.

People subscribe to this service in order to look up information about themselves, including their current and previous residences, workplaces, educational institutions attended, and contact information (including phone numbers and email addresses). This is an example of what an Intelius background check report can look like.



Intelius Review – What Features & Benefits Does it Offer

A comprehensive study was performed to establish the worth of each feature so that a comparison could be made with other background check providers. Intelius gives its users the choice to subscribe to the service or buy individual background check reports.

If you've never used a background check service before, it might be tough to tell which ones are legitimate. This evaluation was written so that you may make a well-informed purchase.

Intelius History

More than 15 years after its founding, Intelius continues to be a credible data provider. It’s often considered to be among the most effective options for doing background checks.

Prospective buyers may also wonder whether they can get the answers to their questions by searching on Google for free. Intelius, on the other hand, does not function in this manner. It provides access to a wealth of useful data that’s either difficult to find on Google or otherwise out of reach.

You may save time and effort by using the app, which compiles all the relevant information from public records into a single location after you've identified the information you need.

Intelius cannot be used to screen job applicants or renters. This fact is crucial to keep in mind. It’s recommended to use a consumer reporting organization for this kind of research.

Cost and Pricing

Intelius offers a range of subscription options and price structures to accommodate different situations. You may choose to pay for each query if you need to keep tabs on someone or do a background check. The following are the components of the app's a la carte search options:

  • Unlimited searches are included with a $19.95 monthly premier membership

  • The price of a Background Check is $39.95

  • $29.95 a month Premier Plus membership, get unlimited searches and one background check

  • Reverse Address Lookup is $4.95-$14.95

  • The statewide fee for Intelius Criminal Record is $14.95, while the worldwide fee is $29.95

Carefully reading the sales contract's conditions before submitting sensitive financial information like a credit card or bank number is strongly recommended. Once a user begins using Intelius, they’re enrolled in a subscription, regardless of whether or not they intend to use the service on a recurring basis.

Investing in a subscription can be worthwhile if you plan on doing several searches over a prolonged period of time. It's worth noting when obtaining an Intelius background check that the price drops with a longer membership commitment.

If you want to terminate your subscription, the firm will charge you $7.95. That's why, before committing to the subscription service, you should give it a try with a single test.



Customer Support

Intelius offers customer service to its clients through telephone or email correspondence during the weekdays between seven in the morning to five in the afternoon Pacific Standard Time. 

The company provides help to users in understanding the intricate details of their subscriptions and also provides technical support for their web page or application.

People Search 

Their search service, Intelius people search, is offered for a little more than $1, and it's promoted as such on the company's website. The consumer will be automatically upgraded to the Premier Plus plan after one week unless they cancel their membership.

Intelius People Search provides an overview of a person's life, including their age, date of birth, residence, emails, family members, employers, and educational and social media profiles.

You may use it to look up any individual by entering their name, phone number, address, or current location. Users of Tinder and their adult counterparts who are interested in renewing acquaintances will benefit greatly from this material. Additionally, nobody but you will ever know what you've been looking up.

Reverse Phone Lookup – Intelius Review

Intelius provides a reverse phone lookup service that may cost only $1 initially, but you might be asked to pay a monthly fee in the future. To begin searching, you must type in a ten-digit phone number into the search box. 

Once you do that, you could find out the name and address of the person associated with the phone number as well as other information including where they live, their age, family members, and past jobs.

I find this data extremely useful since there are times when I receive calls from unknown numbers. I am able to identify the individuals who made the call. Reverse phone lookup can be used to trace not only private numbers, like those on your phone or landline but other numbers too.



Reverse Address Lookup – Intelius Review

The app also has a service that does reverse lookups on addresses. This report may help prospective buyers learn more about the property's history and decide whether or not to make an offer. Also, it's a great way to learn interesting facts about the neighborhood.

A reverse address lookup may provide information on a property's location, owners, occupants, neighbors, property worth, taxes, and even the building's floor plan. I was seeking to purchase a property and wanted to know what the previous buyers had paid, so I examined the report.

Criminal Record Searches – Intelius Review

Intelius now provides a service to do a criminal record search. You can opt for a single-state search for $14.95, or a search of all states for $29.95. I have always utilized background checks to aid me in finding a babysitter for my kids.

A nationwide criminal record search can give you insight into any misdemeanors, felonies, or DUIs a person has had, in addition to any court trials, outcomes, and any pending charges. Customers may access details from a variety of states by performing a search that covers the entire country.

Background Check – Intelius Review

Choose Intelius's background check (which costs $39.95) if you want the most comprehensive report possible. If you're looking for a new roommate, meeting someone online, or trying to track down long-lost relatives, this service will be more useful than the criminal record search or Intelius people search.

I was able to find out people's addresses, ages, bankruptcies, criminal history, court records, and marital statuses using the information I gleaned from the Tinder background check report. As a result, I didn't waste my time with married people searching for an affair.



Identity Check Services – Intelius Review

The app has developed a subscription-based identity verification software for its users and subscribers. This isn't a brand-new service, but rather an improved method of using those already available.

However, employers and landlords cannot use Intelius to conduct background checks on applicants or renters since the service is not FCRA-approved.

Reputation and Accuracy

Intelius asserts that their search results are precise, even though a few people have noticed disparities. Other reports don't include essential data such as current addresses, social media profiles, or telephone numbers. It's reasonable to assume that a majority of the search results are exact.

The views of this organization are just as complicated. Clients in the past have complained about the cost of Intelius and the continuous subscriptions. Clients should read the fine print carefully since getting money back from the company for a product like this is challenging or almost unthinkable.

Intelius Reviews From Customers Around the Web

After looking into various online forums to see what other people think of Intelius, Reddit user Nodevice 150 claims that their accuracy is only 60%. On the other hand, another Reddit user stated that the Intelius app is the best nationwide check tool. Rose M. from Sitejabber shared that they found Intelius quite helpful when trying to find a lost acquaintance on social media. 

Additionally, Trustpilot user Suzanne V. expressed her appreciation for Intelius as she finally managed to locate her husband's biological father after a long time. Gsup7s also commended the service and stated that it was superb, adding that the customer service was remarkable and the details were up-to-date and thorough.



Alternatives to Intelius 

This app is a good option to gain instant background details, but there may be other services that suit your prerequisites better. If it isn't right for you, we have given a list of the top three alternatives.

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is one of the three background check services named in the background checklist. It has been offering its services since 2015 and claims to be able to provide more thorough searches than its competitors. 

To find out whether it’s suitable for your requirements, you can read this TruthFinder review.

  • In order to keep tabs on your own background checks, you may utilize the self-monitoring tools provided to all users.

  • Similar features, such as background check and people finder, may be found on Intelius and other search engines.

  • Payment options are restricted to either $28.05 per month or $46.56 for two months.



2. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is an option to consider. This website gathers data from various public records sources such as court cases and arrest records to provide users with more information about people they have encountered or lost touch with. PeopleFinders is praised for its accuracy and the broad scope of its public data search.

The program offers many great benefits, including

  • Searches may also be performed with the help of a mobile app.

  • A person's background may be researched online, allowing consumers to get all the details they need.

  • Taking a close look at the available records in the public domain.



3. Instant Checkmate

Equally to Intelius, Instant Checkmate is a service that offers background checks. The two services differ in that Instant Checkmate provides data about people, while the former does not.

  • Intelius provides a broader variety of services, such as background checks, person searches, and reverse phone lookups, whereas Instant Checkmate just provides the bare minimum in this area.

  • When comparing the two, Instant Checkmate is the more affordableoption.

  • Intelius uses a broad variety of public and private sources to compile its data, whereas Instant Checkmate relies on public documents and social media to do the same.



Intelius Review – Final Verdict

The app is a great resource if you need to get fast and reliable info about someone, like a possible romantic partner, a person you may live with, or somebody you come in contact with often. They offer various packages that meet the needs of customers who only need limited access to the database, as well as those who need ongoing access.

Intelius can assist you to locate what you're searching for quickly and economically, and it can even give you some peace of mind.



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