Instant Checkmate Review: Everything You Need to Know

10:55 AM, Mar 09, 2023
10:55 AM, Mar 09, 2023
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Instant Checkmate gives people the chance to carry out background checks to find personal information related to other people. 

This service is not authorized for professional reasons, such as hiring, but is often used by people to explore more about their acquaintances, neighbors, and likely amorous partners. It’s possible to search multiple data sources through Instant Checkmate to uncover email ids, physical addresses, social media accounts, criminal records, and phone numbers. 

In order to gain a better comprehension of what this website provides, let’s take a look at its pros and cons.



Instant Checkmate Pros

  • Intuitive user experience
  • An expansive collection of documents available
  • It’s possible to look for profiles on social media
  • Search for individuals who have committed a sexual offense

Instant Checkmate Cons

  • It’s not possible to buy individual reports
  • Delayed generation of reports
  • Ratings of our customer service are not as high 

Things To Consider Before Buying a Personal Background Check Service Subscription

If you're looking to gain an insight into family members, coworkers, or acquaintances, then personal background check services can be exceptionally useful. 

They can provide you with social media details, criminal background check reports, and other data before you take a chance on a date, or before you send in your resume for a job or lease a property. Not to mention, you can also look into your own background. 

Prior to signing up for one of these services, you should take into account a few elements to make sure in this case, you maximize the benefits of your decision.

  • What information are you seeking?
  • How many inquiries can you run with your payment plan or subscription?
  • What is the Instant Checkmate cost?
  • What components are essential to you?
  • Would you rather sign up for an ongoing subscription fee?



Instant Checkmate Review – Features & Benefits

There are eight characteristics that can assist you in getting a better grasp of Instant Checkmate so that you can decide if it’s a great service for your needs.

1. People Search Function

Instant Checkmate's most popular component is its search for people. Once you type in a person's name and surname, you’re given details about them. To see the most accurate information, you should include the state when searching.

You can make a search without a location, but the outcomes will be more precise if you do. This feature can also be used to look up yourself. You can also ask for the site to remove details that you uncover about yourself.

You can narrow down your search results by providing extra details about the person, such as their age, gender, and relatives. The individual will not be informed, and the search will be confidential. 

It’s possible that the search engine will take some time before it locates the individual you’re searching for, but it will display verified results. Choose the record that best matches the person you’re looking for based on the searches.

2. Criminal Record Search Function

The website has a criminal background check feature that’s beneficial. This feature requires exact information such as place, name, and age to work efficiently.

The database contains every kind of crime, including felonies, misdemeanors, outstanding warrants, lawsuits, and traffic violations. The documents provide details regarding the criminal activity as well as the area where it happened.

You can look up your own records as well as other people's. This database could be an excellent way to discover what information is out there about you, and you can even request for details to be erased if you find something on your background report.



3. Reverse Phone Number Lookup Database

If you often get calls from unknown callers, Instant Checkmate provides an excellent reverse phone search that can help to find out the identity of the caller. 

The records included in the search contain the individual's name, demographic information, and if the number is associated with a business. Furthermore, the service is one of the best when it comes to searching for a person's address.

4. Sex Offender Database

The Instant Checkmate database provides a comprehensive search capability for people interested in finding out if there are registered sexual predators in their vicinity. It’s often used by individuals who want to ensure their safety when they move to a new area or when a new person moves in close by. 

Data on these offenders, including their photos, identities, and locations, are all stored in the database.



5. Mobile Application

Folks utilizing Android phones have the opportunity to get the Instant Checkmate mobile program, however, those using iPhones cannot. It’s unclear whether an iOS edition will be made available in the future or not.

Many people have expressed their approval of the Android app, praising its simplicity, precision of the information, and convenience. Although occasionally complaints about login difficulties are registered, they’re usually handled without delay.

6. Interface Ease of Use

Instant Checkmate's interface is straightforward and provides an effortless user experience. You can do a basic search by giving a name and location; the outcomes are effortless to sort through. 

The Instant Checkmate’s page has an expansive list of commonly asked questions to make navigating easy. The only issue with using the platform is that it takes some time for results to display. Search results may take several minutes, and obtaining a report might take a little more time.

7. Customer Support

During the week, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST, customer service for Instant Checkmate is accessible by both phone and email. In addition, Spanish language help is accessible from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Usually, responses to emails are sent within 24 hours.

Instant Checkmate states that customer service representatives do not heavily insist that customers maintain their subscriptions and requests to cancel are usually addressed promptly. If you would like the platform to remove data regarding you, then you can get in touch with customer support.

8. Site Security

Instant Checkmate indicates that the site implements Norton Symantec's 128-bit security to ensure that all payment information is safe. But the main purpose of the site is to allow for public records search, so there’s less focus on making sure the database data is kept confidential, as SSL connections are used to protect user privacy.



Is Instant Checkmate Legit?

People have different opinions when it comes to Instant Checkmate reviews that can be found on the web. 

Some people think it’s convenient, whereas others feel basic procedures for billing are not transparent and they have been billed for membership renewals that they never consented to. It is important to end your membership if you're not happy with the service to prevent extra charges. 

Sitejabber and Trustpilot reviews portray it in a favorable light, with customers leaving positive remarks about it.

  • When I first started using it over two years ago, this service proved to be a helpful resource for me. It has a low learning curve and a high return on investment.
  • I am very thankful for the wonderful service I received. It was very informative and I was truly amazed.
  • I utilized InstantCheckmate's process to deal with an issue that really disturbed my family and me.



Instant Checkmate Alternatives

There are several background search websites available on the internet, on the other hand, you need to be wary of those that cannot be relied upon. We have provided the most prominent alternate services to Instant Checkmate so you can make an educated decision.

Even though these platforms have analogous costs and provide comparable data, we propose that you assess your requirements and funds to find the service that’s the most suitable for you.

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate are both owned and managed by the same company and their information is sourced from the same records. 

These services offer individuals the chance to access personal searches and backgrounds of criminal records. By utilizing the features of TruthFinder, people are able to discover more details about potential dates, relatives, or acquaintances. Here’s a short comparison between the two services:

  • The pricing plans between Instant Checkmate costs and TruthFinder costs are comparable; however, TruthFinder is pricey and provides a greater variety of services.
  • If you have any queries or need help with either organization, you can easily reach out to them through email or phone. Both companies guarantee to get back to you within one day.

  • Both TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate offer well-presented and user-friendly websites. While neither of them bombards the user with an excessive number of sales pitches, both do have pop-up notifications.



2. Intelius

Intelius has been providing background check services since 2003 and is considered a major authority in the field. It provides the same type of details as Instant Checkmate, such as demographic, criminal, and family information. In many ways, Intelius and Instant Checkmate are similar.

  • When comparing Instant Checkmate cost and Intelius cost, they’re quite comparable. Both of these services offer comprehensive information for an affordable monthly fee, though the price increases if more features are desired.
  • Intelius provides customer assistance by way of phone and email. Both companies guarantee a response to emails sent within 24 hours, with good client service.

  • It’s possible to access a person's criminal background, whereabouts, personal details, and family connections through both services. The sources of the data are likely to be the same, so the results are likely to be identical.

It’s possible to run a background search through Intelius on yourself or a family member.



3. US Search

US Search is a cost-effective background check website that allows you to easily identify an individual by providing only a few details. It offers data such as contact information, email addresses, physical addresses, criminal background information, social media accounts, and family connections. 

Even though US Search and Instant Checkmate have numerous similarities, there are also some differences between them.

  • Instant Checkmate costs and US Search costs are both reasonably priced.
  • Instant Checkmate provides more comprehensive customer service than just by email and phone, due to the size and prominence of the business.

  • Aside from email and telephone assistance, Instant Checkmate offers a broad range of features.



Instant Checkmate Cost: Final Verdict

Instant Checkmate provides precise details and facts concerning people, contact numbers, locations, and more. 

This service draws its knowledge from various databases, so you can access all the info you need. Instant Checkmate costs are comparatively cheaper than other options.

A great number of individuals are underwhelmed by the length of time it takes for the results of a search to be displayed. However, Instant Checkmateis a great choice if you’re looking for background information for private use.



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