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Buzzoid Review: Does It Help You Gain Real and Active Instagram Followers?

Posted at 3:13 PM, Apr 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-03 08:46:52-04

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Ever since its launch, Buzzoid has been providing services to Instagrammers with the main purpose of helping them acquire viral attention without having to put in much effort or time. This social media marketing tool advertises that it can provide Instagram followers, views, and likes with just a few minutes of work.

The marketing tool began operations in 2012 and has since built a strong reputation with over 10,000,000 customers. It is known for its dependable services, and its ratings of 4.9 stars out of 5 is proof of its successful delivery and outstanding customer support.

Many people doubt the genuineness of the "likes" and "followers" Instagrammers get from Buzzoid services. The root of these worries is that it's impossible to obtain the results the company claims in the timeframe it indicates. 

Nonetheless, the tool has established a long-standing and favorable reputation due to the trustworthiness of the accounts it utilizes for its services. For instance, it only does business with verified profiles and ensures that all its likes are genuine.

Buzzoid promises a full reimbursement within 30 days without asking questions if a customer is displeased with their services. Furthermore, they offer 24/7 assistance. Learn more about the service in our detailed Buzzoid review.

>>Boost Your Instagram Followers Fast With Buzzoid

Buzzoid Review: Pros

  • Possess a long and distinguished history of providing high-quality goods and services.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • The legitimacy of followers, views, and likes attained from certified and authenticated accounts.
  • 30-days refund policy.
  • Free trial available.

Buzzoid Review: Cons

  • It is necessary to purchase individual packages for every service.
  • The services' legitimacy is questionable, as Instagram does not favor purchasing likes, followers, or views from automated programs (bots).

Buzzoid Review: Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Likes, Followers or Views

The marketing tool pledges to assist those wanting to become Instagram influencers to rapidly expand their likes, followers, and views with limited effort. It is perfect for inexperienced influencers or people just starting to use Instagram. Using Buzzoid's services, you can extend your reach and increase the number of views of your page in a short time.

If you want to raise your number of Instagram followers and reach rapidly, then Buzzoid's services may benefit you. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that buying Instagram likes and followers is only a temporary solution for attaining influencer status. 

To maintain your level once the initial spike has passed, you must put in the effort directly after Buzzoid has done its job. Otherwise, you might lose any position you gained with their help or already had before enlisting their aid.

Before buying likes, followers, or views, consider the following points:

  • Beginning prices commence at $1.47; you can get reduced prices when you purchase larger quantities.
  • Buzzoid assures that your account will not get suspended when you purchase likes, followers, or views from them.
  • Despite Buzzoid's claims that they employ verified profiles, there is no way to confirm this definitively.
  • Instagram doesn't approve or allow buying followers, views, or likes.
  • Investing in views is less hazardous than investing in likes since Instagram can eliminate likes but not views.

Buzzoid Review: Features and Benefits

At this point, you understand what Buzzoid has to offer. It's time to dive into the specifics of the product. 

What kind of services do they provide? Let’s look at the premier products and features mentioned below.

>>Boost Your Followers Fast With Buzzoid

Buying Instagram Likes

Buzzoid provides three distinct products, one of which is likes — used to increase the visibility and popularity of Instagram posts. According to the site, the likes are genuine and originate from legitimate accounts run by actual users. 

The likes can be delivered rapidly, and customers can choose to spread the likes across multiple posts.Buzzoid likes can be classified into premium likes and high-quality likes.

High Quality Likes

When it comes to high quality likes; they are from accounts with authentic profile pictures. These accounts do not have any additional posts. 

Through High Quality likes, you may receive the following benefits: 

  • The possibility of distributing likes among different posts or pictures.
  • Possibility of a slow or instantaneous release.
  • Views on video content.
  • Assured prompt delivery.

You can purchase anywhere from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 10,000 High Quality likes at once. As the quantity of likes increases, the cost per like decreases. For example, 50 likes go for $1.47, 100 likes for $2.97, and 500 likes for $6.99. 

If you purchase the highest amount of likes, you will receive a 75% discount, costing 10,000 likes $88.99.

Premium Likes

Although premium Buzzoid Instagram likes are more costly than High Quality likes, they are more genuine. 

These likes come from real Instagram users genuinely interested in your posts and content.

Premium likes cost is higher than High Quality likes, amounting to $3.49 for every fifty likes. Discounts are applicable on these types of likes, but the maximum number of likes available to purchase is five hundred at $19.99. 

The following benefits are what a user gets after purchasing Premium likes: 

  • Genuine likes from active Instagram participants
  • Assured prompt delivery
  • The choice of either an immediate or a gradual release of goods
  • Views on video content
  • Possibilities of dividing likes between several posts/images

Buzzoid has been providing superior and superior-grade services for the last ten years and has been responsible for the expansion of many profiles. Additionally, it has an impressive collection of over 100,000 loyal customers.

Buying Instagram Followers

Having "likes" on a post with no followers seems questionable. Buzzoid knows this and provides a service where Instagrammers can purchase followers and likes. The site promises that the followers acquired through them are from genuine user accounts. 

There are two types of follower classifications when buying from Buzzoid: Active and High Quality users.

>>Boost Your Followers Fast With Buzzoid

High Quality Followers 

For you to buy Instagram followers with a high level of quality, the accounts have an actual photo as their profile picture, yet not be engaged in any other activity. It is possible to purchase followers from 100 to 5,000, with the cost varying from $2.97 to $39.99.

If you buy more followers, you'll get bigger deals. For instance, you'll pay $2.97 for 100 High Quality followers and only $6.99 for 500. You'll also get quick delivery and 24/7 customer service with High Quality followers.

Active Followers

The concept behind the active Buzzoid followers plan is that when chosen, you will be connected with followers from authentic users who are operating active accounts. 

This is a great option for individuals serious about the progress of their Instagram presence and want to ensure that their purchase does not cause a decrease in followers.

You will need to spend more for followers from active accounts. For 500 followers, you can expect to spend $11.99. Purchasing 1,000 followers will cost you $19.99, which is a 50% discount. If you acquire 5,000 Active followers, you will depart with $84.99.

Buzzoid Review: Managed Growth

If you are looking for one of the best ways to increase engagement on Instagram and build a following that is interested in what you offer, Buzzoid's Managed Growth program is worth considering. 

It is a convenient way to create a real audience engaged with your brand without putting in much work. The company provides this service through a different company called GrowthSilo.

GrowthSilo can choose between two Growth plans:

  • Launch is available at $49 per month, 
  • Accelerate is priced at $99 monthly.

Buzzoid Review: Buying Instagram Views

Buzzoid's third and latest offering is views. Obtaining views is indispensable if you keep dishing out video content. If your Instagram account is filled with or depends on videos, getting views is even more important than obtaining likes.

Instagram puts more emphasis on accounts that receive more views rather than likes. Posts with three seconds or more views are considered valuable and will be advertised more than videos with lots of likes but no views.

Views are a safer option than likes or followers, as Instagram can take away the latter if they find out you purchased them, although they cannot do the same with video views.

Additionally, obtaining hundreds to thousands of views is possible even if you have few followers. This implies two things for you. 

Firstly, it implies that your profile is less likely to be noticed by Instagram, and you don't have to purchase views and followers, as is necessary for likes. Instead, you can purchase views and still appear genuine.

You can buy a range of Instagram views, beginning at 500 and going up to 50,000. Starting at $1.99 for 500 views, you can get 50,000 views for $74.99. Your views will start within 5 minutes of your purchase. 

However, Buzzoid will begin working within 60 seconds of completing your purchase. Buzzoid is only suitable for Instagram, so if you want to buy TikTok followers and likes, consider using Famoid.

>>Boost Your Instagram Followers Fast With Buzzoid

Buzzoid Review: Quick Delivery 

Therefore, after we discussed what Buzzoid has to provide, it's the moment to see what distinguishes it from other companies. 

The service is incredibly proud of its "Instant Delivery Guarantee," among other traits. For all its benefits (except for its Managed Growth feature), it ensures immediate delivery of likes, followers, or views. 

For views, it pledges that your chosen video or videos will commence amassing views within approximately 60 seconds.

Buzzoid Review: Affordable Pricing 

The tool is quite economical in comparison to its rivals, and this is due to its extensive years of experience.

Furthermore, the company has a collection of positive reviews from thousands of its customers to validate its quality of service. Not many services selling followers, views, or likes on Instagram can boast the same.

Buzzoid Review: Money-Back Guarantee

Is Buzzoid legit? If the reliability of Buzzoid does not give you the assurance you need to use its services, its money-back policy may. 

The tool completely reimburses all its services if you are not content with them. You have to ask for a refund within 30 days. The company will then issue the refund without any queries.

Buzzoid Review: 24/7 Support

Buzzoid is unique because they guarantee 24/7 support. You will notice results almost immediately when you buy any of their plans. 

Whether you are a new or regular customer, the team is always available online to answer your questions and address any concerns. A representative will promptly reach out to you.

Buzzoid Review: Free Trial 

Investing in something that can either make or break your business is a valid concern. We understand this, so Buzzoid offers a free trial with no commitments. 

When you sign up, you get 50 free likes from real and active users. With these results, you can be more sure of the services that Buzzoid can provide.

Buzzoid Review: Online Proof

The tool has many appraisals from real people on its website and other online sources. It has an impressive average rating of 4.65 stars on external sites and is ranked seventh in the listing of social media tools. 

The reviews are mostly about its effectiveness, value for money, swiftness of results, and round-the-clock customer service. 

All the assessments are from people who have genuinely used the product. What more proof do you need?

>>Boost Your Instagram Followers Fast With Buzzoid

Best Buzzoid Alternatives

You have plenty of options if you want to buy Instagram views, likes, or followers. To make sure you pick the right company for your needs, take the time to read about the features, pricing, and reviews of numerous social media tools. 

Here's a brief look at several of Buzzoid's major competitors.


Kenji Instagram is a robotic program. Everybody knows how bots handle automated tasks like liking, following, and engaging with people's posts. 

The fact that Instagram does not favor bots might be unknown to some (or possibly not). So how does Kenji continue to make money in spite of the fact that its services are based on what Instagram regards as "unlawful" conduct?

Good question! Even though Kenji is an automated system, it is a "secure" Instagram robot. It employs AI to evaluate how you usually communicate with others on Instagram and then copy your activities. It does not overdo any actions — like excessively liking or posting content — which makes it less likely that they'll detect you.

Kenji is a useful Instagram tool that assists you in enhancing your reach and increasing your audience. However, it functions differently than Buzzoid; instead of providing you likes, follows, and views, it carries out the liking, following, and viewing on your behalf. 

By engaging with Instagram more, you will likely cultivate an authentic following. To understand the main distinctions between these two companies, we have highlighted them in a comparison table.

>>Boost Your Followers Fast With Kenji


It gives you a great product offering where you can purchase views, likes, and followersThe platform does the work for you, liking, following, and viewing your account, automatically unfollowing and reacting to other people's stories.
We provide premium offerings of a superior caliber that come from active accounts.Audience targeting allows your account to interact with those likely to be interested in your services. 
You can make a single purchase of the product at $1.47.Subscriptions can take as little as $47 per month.



Upleap stands out from Buzzoid because it only offers Instagram followers, whereas the latter provides likes, views, and followers. Upleap's prices are comparable to Buzzoid, with $3 for 100 followers, $5 for 500 followers, and $9 for 1,000 followers. 

Upleap does provide premium followers; however, their regular packages are slightly more affordable than Buzzoid, whereas their premium options cost substantially more, from $7 to $10 extra, depending on the number of followers you buy.

>>Boost Your Followers Fast With Unleap


Provides a marketplace for likes, views, and followersSolely sells followers
For 100 followers, the cost begins at $2.97; the charge of $11.99 gets 500 preferred followers.If you're looking for followers, the price begins at $3 for 100 regular followers or $9 for 100 superior followers; if you need 500 of the premium variety, you'll pay $19.
It is possible to acquire a maximum of 5,000 followers.It is possible to get up to 1,000 followers when making a purchase.



SocialFollow provides a bot-free service comparable to Upleap in assisting Instagram users in building their fanbase. Furthermore, as Upleap does, SocialFollow does not offer likes or views for purchases. 

All followers originate from genuine, active users with genuine images and lively postings. According to the website, the company was founded by people eager to make a legitimate difference for other organizations and influencers.

The cost for standard followers is nearly identical to that of Buzzoid and Upleap, which is $3 for 100 followers. However, the price for premium followers is more consistent with Upleap's.

>>Boost Your Followers Fast With Social Follow


It allows customers to increase the number of views, followers, and likes.Only deals in selling followers.
If you want to increase your followers, the cost begins at $2.97 for 100 or $11.99 for 500 top-notch followers.If you're looking for followers, you can get 100 standard ones for a modest $3 or opt for the premium variety at $9 per hundred. For 500 premium followers, you'll only have to pay $19.
It's possible to buy a maximum of 5,000 followers.You have the option to acquire up to 1,000 followers.


Buzzoid Review: The Takeaway 

Achieving the kind of Instagram presence that can boost your profile and increase your overall impact can be challenging. Fortunately, some tools make it easier. 

With Buzzoid, you can gain likes, followers, and views rapidly and at an economical rate. In addition, since the commitment originates from genuine records, you are not in danger of being reprimanded by Instagram.

If you feel Buzzoid could be the answer, investigate their bundles and estimates at today.

>>Boost Your Instagram Followers Fast With Buzzoid

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