Best Psychics Online 2023: Live Readings You Can Trust

3:46 PM, Apr 26, 2023
8:52 AM, May 03, 2023

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Do you feel that life is just getting more overwhelming as the days go by? Maybe you've considered seeking guidance from a psychic or spiritual advisor, but the thought of sifting through countless options seems just not worth the trouble.

Lucky for you, we're here to help cut through the noise and connect with the best psychics who can truly help you tap into your inner wisdom and potential. 

From clairvoyants to tarot readers, our list of top psychics, like Kasamba, has been carefully curated to offer you the most reputable and insightful professionals in the industry. 

Best Psychics Online and Websites - First Look 

Like most things, psychic platforms are not equal. While the platforms considered to have the best psychics may have certain things in common, some of them are ahead of the pack. If you’re only interested in the best of the best, here are our top 3 psychic platforms where you’re guaranteed to find the best psychics in the industry.

1. Kasamba – All-Round Best Psychic Reading Platform

Getting in touch with the Love Experts at Kasamba for an online psychic reading will help you discover your happy ending if romantic concerns are presently dominating your life.

These love experts can help you find your happy ending.

  • 3-minute free psychic reading with every new advisor
  • If you aren't satisfied with your reading, your money will be refunded
  • Over twenty years of expertise in providing clients with high-quality online readings
  • Some of the best psychics that are gifted and empathetic, accessible around the clock
  • Psychic reading online service with a focus on love and relationships

2. Keen – Most Extensive Community of Psychics Online

Keen is one of the best psychics and trustworthy sites for inquiries about life, job, money, relationships, and love. 

With over 20 years of expertise and the most extensive network of psychics on the internet, Keen is undoubtedly one of the most reputable websites available for its best psychics.

  • It's simple to locate a trustworthy psychic reader.
  • First 3 minutes of your initial reading are FREE
  • Numerous advisors and psychic readers who offer online services are accessible.
  • Special introductory rate of 10 minutes for $1.99 
  • Finding the best Psychics is a breeze using actual clients' feedback.

3. AskNow – Most Accurate Psychic Platform Online

AskNow is one of the best psychics reading online services since it provides insightful advice for handling any situation by connecting you with a vast pool of psychics who have been carefully verified.

  • Promotional rates as low as $1 per minute
  • Get your first reading, up to five Master Minutes long, at no cost.
  • Each trial offer comes with one complimentary question answered live by a legit psychic.
  • They have a wide variety of Psychics and areas of expertise to explore.
  • If you're unhappy within the first five minutes, you’re guaranteed a refund.

Why Consult Psychics on These Online Psychic Reading Websites?

Psychic readings used to be seen as unusual and challenging to come by in the past, let alone finding the best psychics. Not to mention, locating a genuine psychic without the assistance of a referral was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

"Where can I find a genuine Psychic?" has been replaced with "where can I find the best Psychics site?" and "which is the most reliable and cost-effective web portal?"

This article compiles the best psychics reading online services for an economical and reliable reading. If you're interested in getting a reading from the best psychics but don't want to break the bank doing it, you've come to the right place.

Where To Get the Best Psychics Online - Detailed Reviews

We’ve reviewed our top 3 options briefly, but we bet you’d still like to learn more about these psychic platforms before committing to a paid psychic reading.

Here’s an in-depth look at our favorite psychic platforms in 2023.

1. Kasamba – Best Love Psychics Online 

You've probably heard of Kasamba if you've ever searched the web for the best psychics.

Kasamba, recognized as one of the best psychics websites offering readings by psychics and mediums, has at its disposal many qualified, knowledgeable, and pleasant mediums that can provide you with the best spiritual readings and counsel that’s accurate and compassionate.

Therefore, discovering one that speaks your language shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

>> Get 50% OFF your first LOVE reading on Kasamba <<

Wide Range of Services To Choose From

Another great thing that makes Kasamba a top option offering the best psychics is the variety of readings it provides, including astrology, numerology, tarot card readings, astrology, past life readings, dream interpretation, and crystal ball reading.

Discounts and Deals 

Kasamba gives users the opportunity to get three free minutes with the best psychics online, allowing them to get a sense of the psychic and their abilities and whether or not they have a connection.

In addition, it's a fantastic chance to have your first psychic reading online session without spending a dime.

And if you’re looking to save money, you’ll be happy to know that the site also offers a 50% discount on your first purchase.

Unfortunately, their website may be a bit tough to browse, which can make your first interaction with them tricky. However, Kasamba's helpful support staff is there to address any issues you may have, and after a few visits, you'll find the site intuitive to use.

The Bottom Line

Kasamba is highly recommended since it connects you with the best psychics in the business that cares about helping you. You can find the best psychics here if you're seeking online psychic forecasts that are sympathetic, intellectual, profoundly effective, and dependable.


  • Readings on love, relationships, and the pain of loss from the best psychics 
  • Comprehensive list of available services
  • Free for the first three minutes
  • Professional and trustworthy mediums, tarot card readers, and more
  • Profiles that are both informative and in-depth
  • Ratings from previous clients for each Advisor


  • Website might be challenging to browse.

Learn more: Kasamba Review

2. Keen – 1000+ Clairvoyants, Spiritual Readers, Mediums & More

Keen, one of the best psychics reading online services, is another great option if you want a consultation with the best psychics. 

Keen has been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Women's Health Refinery 29, and many more, which proves their efficacy.

As one of the largest best psychics online communities, Keen has over 45 million transactions and 11 million reviews. 

So, what distinguishes Keen as the best psychics option compared to other firms that provide the best psychic reading services?

>> Get a 10-minute reading for $1.99 on Keen (cheapest rate online) <<

Your Privacy Is Keen’s #1 Concern

This website, being among the best psychics, is committed to protecting your personal information. They conceal your personal information, like mobile phone number, email address, and other sensitive data, with a robust security system.

Because of this, your psychic medium will not be able to see your phone number when you communicate with an advisor (even with caller ID). This guarantees that the transaction will be both secure and private.

Consequently, Keen is one of the best psychics services for you to utilize if you are concerned about the security of your personal information but want to take advantage of superior medium services simultaneously.

Unique Deals and Competitive Pricing

Keen offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Customers may have psychic readings live sessions from the site for as little as $1.99 per minute, which is a price that's well within most people’s price range.

Every Psychic Reading Under the Sun

Keen also provides an extensive selection of psychic reading online services.

Keen's best psychics are available to answer any questions, whether about love, careers, families, the future, or the past. You may get readings over the phone, via email, or online chat.

One more beneficial aspect of Keen is that it offers help around the clock since the company is aware of instances when you want immediate responses to your queries. 

In addition to offering outstanding mediums, they also provide other services such as reading tarot cards and oracle cards, telling fortunes, crystal healing, and more.

Naturally, just like any other psychic reading online site, Keen has a few flaws that users should be aware of. Some users have expressed frustration that the website is too difficult to navigate, which they believe contributes to the overall muddled nature of their experience with Keen.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Keen has been in business for 20 years (they just recently commemorated their 20th anniversary). During that time, they have offered detailed and precise readings to their clientele, making it one of the best psychics websites on our list.

You don't exist that long if you don't deliver solid, dependable services.


  • Offers 24/7 assistance
  • It has the largest database of psychics available online
  • There is a free app for quick and easy chat readings
  • Outstanding deals for new customers
  • Unrivaled safeguards for personal information
  • Free for the first three minutes.


  • The website’s design is overwhelmingly complicated

Learn more: Keen Review

3. Psychic Source – Best Psychics for Compassionate Readings [Free Minutes]

The best quality differentiating Psychic Source from other spirituality providers is the company's assurance that customers may test out their offerings without taking any kind of financial risk.

Before making any kind of financial commitment, customers may take advantage of the company's unique introductory offer and have a free session with one of the best psychics.

>> Get a personalized reading on Psychic Source >>

Budget-friendly Introductory Packages + 3 Minutes Free

If you buy a bundle of 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes at a rate of $1/min, Psychic Source will throw in an extra three minutes for free.

Compassionate Psychic Advice

When it comes to providing consumers with genuine connections with their best psychics, Psychic Source does not disappoint. 

People who use this service often report feeling understood, valued, and provided with valuable recommendations.

Because of how much they care about their customers, they are at the top of our list of the best psychics sites available online.

Psychic Source's advisors are trained to help customers find hope and positivity even in dire circumstances. The service is ideal for those who need broad direction rather than specific assistance.

However, several clients have voiced concerns that the current booking procedures are inefficient and should be revised.

The Bottom Line

According to customer feedback, Psychic Source is fantastic. 

Psychic Source's affordable rates for newbies make them among the best psychics site options for exploring mediums, spirituality, and psychics.

Once companies make it easier for clients to schedule appointments, they'll likely see a surge in popularity.


  • Psychics with empathy
  • Discounted pricing for the first month.
  • The first provider of psychic reading online services
  • Free for the first three minutes
  • $1 per minute as a welcome deal.


  • Poorly organized reservation processes

Learn more: Psychic Source Review

4. AskNow– Thoroughly Vetted Phone Psychics (1-888-815-1999)

AskNow is a reputable and effective phone psychic reading live service that lets you get readings from the best psychics through chat or the telephone. 

AskNow provides some of the best psychics for phone readings available anywhere online. Many experts are standing by to accept your call and provide you with any kind of guidance you need.

>> Try a FIVE minute free* reading with AskNow <<

$1.00/Minute Packages + Five Minutes Free

The fact that AskNow offers discounted prices to new consumers differentiates it from other best psychics services. After registering, you will be given the option to choose a free trial period of up to five minutes, after which you will be charged $1/min.

This pricing is relatively liberal compared to other best psychics services, which helps to strengthen the clients' faith in AskNow, particularly new users. 

However, the website is a bit difficult to use since it does not allow you to search for mediums or group them into categories.

The Bottom Line

AskNow consistently receives positive feedback from users on third-party rating websites like Trustpilot, making it one of the best psychics websites available today.

On AskNow, you may obtain high-quality psychic readings by phone, regardless of whether you are seeking reasonably priced services or are willing to spend a little more for more accurate readings.


  • Special introductory rate for new clients
  • Phone psychics are accessible around the clock
  • Readings that come highly recommended and are spot on
  • Readings from the best psychics who are verified and passed the necessary tests
  • 5 minutes of FREE* time for newbies


  • Due to the design of the website, finding the right psychic might be challenging.

Learn more: AskNow Review

5. Oranum – Best Live Online Psychics

Oranum provides its customers with various benefits. 

For one, making an account on their website is totally cost-free. Therefore, you won't have to make any monetary commitment to review their website and resources.

>> Join a FREE live session to find your perfect reader on Oranum <<

10,000 Free Coins When You Sign Up

On Oranum, consumers can participate in a live video reading or remain anonymous. Furthermore, first-time users are rewarded with 10,000 free coins to get a feel of the best psychics reading live sessions and how they work.

Oranum specializes in giving subgenres that aren't as readily accessible on other psychic websites, such as pet psychics and sound bath readings, making it one of the websites offering the best psychics.

Rare, Unique Psychic Healing Sessions

In contrast to other online platforms that provide clairvoyant readings, Oranum offers a variety of therapeutic specializations, ranging from chakra healing to holistic health. 

For this reason, Oranum is among the best psychics alternatives for those needing a different kind of treatment; one focused on energy rather than just readings.

Extensive Library of Free Resources

Customers do not need to pay for a psychic reading online session to access Oranum's vast video collection. 

The video collection is packed with free content and a wide variety of informative and spiritually uplifting content.

From this perspective, Oranum is among the best psychics websites to utilize when starting out in the spiritual realm since it allows you to examine who and what services you connect with before you are required to pay for them.

The Bottom Line

Sadly, Oranum does not provide a mechanism to filter out all of the psychics and just displays psychic mediums. Because of this, you should invest some time on their website to sort through the abundance of available alternatives.

Nevertheless, if you are seeking the best psychics reading live service for free, you should check out Oranum since they have a free library that you can use with their one-of-a-kind services.


  • A diverse offering of services.
  • Free access to a collection of resources
  • Top-rated psychic videos from top psychics
  • Observe the live broadcasts of the advisors (FREE)
  • Capability to conceal one's identity


  • The poorly designed website is frustrating

6. Psychic Oz – One of the Most Trusted Psychic Websites

Even though it’s number six on our list of best psychics, Psychic Oz may be the place to go if you're looking for a reputable platform with plenty of happy customers.

They not only come highly recommended but also have an impressive track record. Since they've been in business for 20 years, you know you can count on them for excellent service.

You can trust the safety and privacy of your Psychic Oz reading. In addition, they provide substantial savings to new clients, such as a $1 per minute introductory rate.

There is some ambiguity in Psychic Oz's refund policy, though. If your experience with them is less than satisfactory, you may have difficulty getting your money back.

However, we love that Psychic Oz's inexpensive costs are always available, regardless of whether a customer is a new or long-time member, making the platform accessible to people of various financial means.

The Bottom Line

Since Psychic Oz's fees are stable over time, it may be a great place for ongoing psychic guidance.


  • Readings at low prices
  • Price cuts for new customers
  • Incredible safety measures
  • Special introductory rate of $1 per minute


  • No clear policy on refunds

7. Mysticsense – Best Clairvoyant Readings by Expert Psychics

With more than 17,000 testimonials, Mysticsense is a popular and highly recommended psychic website that ranks well on our list of the best psychics reading online sites.

Using Mysticsense has a ton of advantages.

For starters, numerous free articles are available on the online psychic platform, allowing searchers to do their research if they want. The first five minutes of service for new customers are also free.

If you aren't happy with your reader on Mysticsense, you may get your money back in full, unlike on other platforms. This is meant to reassure customers, particularly newer customers who may be reluctant to obtain a reading at first.

There's another advantage.

Using a keyword search, you may find the best psychics on Mysticsense. Simply enter "medium" into the search field, and you'll be directed to a website listing all available medium chat psychics.

You may also search based on a person's characteristics, which is a neat addition. Using their advanced search feature, you may look for psychics that are either forthright or warm and kind.

The lack of variety in online psychics on MysticSense is its main downside. With just two mediums on staff, it's challenging to discover the ideal psychic reader using their search function.

The Bottom Line

Mysticsense has the potential to become a frontrunner among the best psychics reading online websites if additional mediums are added to its team.


  • Exceptional free content with money-back guarantees


  • Scarcity of readily available live psychics

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8. Life Reader – Affordable Psychic Readings for New Customers

Life Reader has everything you need, including a welcome discount for new customers and cheap psychics

This psychic platform provides new clients an unbelievable bargain of 19 cents per minute for the first 10 minutes, which is over 50% off the regular prices compared to other best psychics reading live services.

What’s more, you can discover what other customers think of the psychic reader before you make an appointment, thanks to Life Reader's clear disclosure of the reader's review rating. Not to mention their outstanding costs.

Life Reader offers a wide variety of some of the best psychics and services, such as horoscope and tarot card readings, relationship advice, and more, all for free.

Users may also peruse a selection of helpful articles on topics like love, friendship, and direction, all provided free of charge by the psychic service.

They believe in empowering clients to make morally sound decisions by providing accessible, free resources. 

The articles are produced by psychics who also provide readings, so if you connect with one of their insights, you may schedule a reading with that particular intuition.

The Bottom Line

The most significant shortcoming is that there are limited psychic mediums. You'll need to dig through their roster of psychics to uncover one who claims to be a medium. 

However, if you simply need psychic reading online sessions, you should go no farther than Life Reader.


  • Excellent pricing for new customers.
  • Informative free library
  • Get 50% off your first call.
  • Weekly horoscopes


  • Bad website design

Best Psychics Runner-Ups - Not Our Favorite Psychic Websites

We also gathered a few websites that while okay, didn’t make the list among the best psychics services. 

1. Lotus Tarot – Incredible Refund Guarantee


  • Save 50% on your first session 
  • Free for the first three minutes
  • Free tarot card readings online.
  • A 100% satisfaction or your money-back promise.


  • Human readers aren't always accessible

Lotus Tarot is an online site that provides free readings and allows users to receive either automated or live online tarot readings. 

The live readings are conducted through chat with a real reader, costing anywhere from $8 to $20 per minute. 

The difference is that the automated readings are provided at no cost and are generated by a computer program.

There are only nine live psychic readers listed on the website. 

Still, when our researchers used it, there wasn't anyone online even though it advertises having live psychic readers available around the clock. 

If this occurs, you will see a message instructing you to go to the Kasamba website, where real psychic readers are standing by, if you need a reading immediately.

>> Get 50% OFF your first reading with our #1 recommendation <<

When it comes to tarot cards and tarot readings, in addition to clairvoyant readings, there is an online course where you can study the cards, as well as some quizzes where you can test your knowledge of the subject.

The psychic website also has a section devoted to numerology, in which users can purchase a variety of reports for prices ranging from $8 to $43.

It's interesting to note that the examples provided for each kind of report feature well-known public figures like Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg as their subject matter.

Lotus Tarot is the best psychics reading website where you may play about with some free content or obtain a numerology report; but, if you genuinely need to talk to professional tarot card readers, you may find that you have to go toKasamba.

2. PathForward– Enticing Introductory Offer


  • Promotional rate of $1 per minute 
  • Available as a new mobile app
  • Subscribers may obtain a free 10-minute reading.


  • There is a dearth of user feedback on online platform

PathForward, which was once known as "Hollywood Psychics," asserts that even though its new online style is completely innovative and cutting-edge, it still provides the best psychics readings that are dependable and traditional.

This service starts with the company taking full responsibility for its advisors' integrity and ethical behavior.

PathForward is quite proud that less than five percent of those who apply to the service are readers on the site. This proportion is close to the norm for thebest psychics reading online service websites i n this article.

Given that the best psychics' Advisor profiles were mostly instructive, this is one aspect, in particular, that was exclusive to this website that people found to be quite helpful.

Since the tone of a reader's voice may have a significant impact when they have to reveal any tough or uncommon information, every psychic reader of PathForward has one recorded greeting you can listen to before deciding which one to work with.

PathForward is an online platform that connects people with psychic readers.

The psychic platform understands how to pique your curiosity by offering introductory packages of 10, 20, and 30 minutes at $1 per minute and three free minutes with your first reading.

After that, however, all of their online psychics charge the same market-competitive pricing for their services.

3. Heal Your Life – Get a Free Psychic Reading Online


  • Free online angel card readings
  • Artistic web design


  • Actual people will perform no live readings.

Heal Your Life is a website sponsored by Hay House Publishing and leans more toward the spiritual than the psychic. 

This website does not truly provide psychic reading online services in the traditional sense.

What is presented here is more contemplative than psychic or extraterrestrial since it consists of free daily affirmations and meditations supplied by some of the authors published by Hay House.

Oracle Card readings are the only reading provided by this site, and they are completely computerized. In this method, you come up with a question and then randomly choose an answer from a deck of cards with a spiritual or mystical theme based on how it makes you feel.

This indicates that rather than getting a reading from someone else, you are doing one on yourself. However, this does not mean that it is not enjoyable. You could be taken aback by the answer you find when the card you choose is turned over.

Customers would say that this is a fascinating website; however, there are no online psychics who provide readings on this particular platform.

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4. Astrology Free Readings – Best Psychics for Astrology Readings


  • Computed horoscopes are free.
  • Fantastic, no-cost resource for learning
  • Daily tarot readings that are computerized


  • There will be no live readings done

This website might not meet your expectations if you hope to get the best psychics readings for free here.

That's because if you click the "free reading" option, you won't stay on the "Astrology Free Readings" site. Instead, you’ll be transferred to the Keen psychic website (covered here), where you will undoubtedly be charged for a reading.

Don't lose hope, however.

Even though you won't be able to obtain a free reading on Astrology, the site is still the best psychics resource source for learning the fundamentals of Western and Chinese astrology.

Additionally, some additional freebies are of high quality and appeal. For example, there are free automatic online tarot sessions for each zodiac sign and computer-made weekly and monthly love horoscopes.

Moreover, these services are all available online. In addition, there are articles and essays on various subjects associated with astrological and tarot readings, but there are sadly no free psychic reading online services.

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How To Find the Best Psychics Online - FAQs

Finding a medium may be challenging, mainly if you are short on cash and need affordable reading. This search seems even more daunting. Check out the FAQs if you're confused about how psychic reading online sessions work and need a little direction.

How To Find a Psychic or Medium Near Me (aka Online)?

Fortunately, because so many psychics and mediums operate online, it is not difficult to discover one. 

On a website like Kasamba or Keen, you may talk to the best psychics even if you're on the other side of the county or the globe. This makes it possible for people to get readings from psychics no matter where they are located.

Another option is to search for spirituality stores in your area and visit one to locate a psychic.

In-store readings by psychics are common, and many stores also have psychic mediums. If you want to see a medium in person, you can contact a store in your area to inquire about their psychic reading online services and make an appointment.

What Is the Difference Between a Psychic Medium and a Psychic?

The main distinction between a psychic reader and a medium is that the former can make contact with the afterlife, while the latter cannot.

There are substantial distinctions between psychic mediums and psychic readers, even though many use these names interchangeably. 

A medium can communicate with those who have moved on to another life or with a new dimension of spirituality. In other words, they can interact with those who have died. More generally, the word "psychic" refers to anybody who can use their spiritual powers. 

Mediums are a subset of psychic readers (which is why you will often come across the description "psychic medium"). Still, not all psychics can connect with the departed souls.

What Can I Expect From a Good Psychic Reading Service?

Many myths surround psychic reading online services, such as crystal balls and seances, but the fact is that each psychic has their method.

A reading with an advisor often consists of a casual dialogue during which the psychic channels your loved ones to provide insight into your concerns.

Of course, some online psychics rely on tarot cards, crystal balls, runes, and other spiritual aides to connect with the afterlife.

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Different Ways To Get Psychic Reading Online

Like their in-person counterparts, online psychics may use several different techniques to establish contact with the other side.

The ideal approach to getting psychic reading live sessions will vary from advisor to advisor based on the reading you're interested in and the advisor's personal preferences.

Mediums may use the following techniques while giving readings:

  • Psychic materials including tarot cards and energy sticks
  • A casual discussion with you and your beloved person
  • Meditation

What Are the Benefits of a Psychic Reading Online?

Closure is the most important benefit of receiving a psychic reading online.

Sometimes death separates us from loved ones before we've had a chance to make amends. If you have any unanswered questions or concerns about a loved one, a psychic reading online session might help.

Having contact with the departed person's spirit might reawaken your love for them and lessen your pain from losing them, especially if you believe they are now in a better place.

What Does It Mean To Be Psychic?

There are many diverse interpretations of what it means to be psychic. However, according to a well-known Taoist proverb, "We can know what the mind does, but we do not know what it is."

The best example of this may be seen in the best psychics. Where does this ability originate from, and how can a medium communicate with a departed loved one and provide information that only the two of you would know?

Neuroscientists tell us that the typical individual only uses 10% of their brain; if this is the case, what happens in the other 90%? Perhaps it is in that forgotten corner of our minds that our consciousness can tap into the knowledge and mysteries of the cosmos.

The truth is that no one is quite sure of the origins of psychic powers. However, anybody who has interacted with a genuine psychic or had a genuine psychic episode would attest that the encounter is real without reservation.

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Are Psychic Readings Real?

Clairvoyant readings are grounded in reality. You may be surprised to learn how readings genuinely operate. It's tempting to think that the dynamics of psychic reading online are all up to the psychic.

In a reading, the psychic does almost all the work, but if the client isn't receptive to the shared information, the psychic may find the experience frustrating.

For the best results, clients must understand that they must cooperate with their online psychic reader. 

The reading will improve, and working together may have additional advantages. After consulting with a psychic, some individuals find their innate psychic powers suddenly blossom.

Getting a reading is like dancing: one person may take the lead, but it needs at least two people to make it work. 

In addition, there are a variety of mediums from which to pick, including chat, video, and telephone readings.

What Should Beginners Know About Their First Psychic Reading?

Locating the most reputable online psychic platform is the first step to getting the best psychics.

It might be disconcerting to see a psychic for the first time, especially if they make claims about your life and those in it that seem outlandish.

This is not to frighten you but to gain your confidence in their talents.

In addition, remember that a psychic's advice may not initially make intuitive sense.

One interpretation is that your current counsel is subpar. On the other hand, it might indicate that you're working with a gifted psychic reader who is helping you get insight into the true nature of your predicament.

Therefore, it is essential to take in all information with an open mind and then use your judgment to assess whether or not it makes sense.

How Can I Prepare for a Psychic Reading?

The first step in preparing for a psychic reading live session, if not for amusement, is to be sure you want one.

Be sure you're ready to put up the effort required to openly, honestly, and courageously discuss your concerns. 

Regardless of the nature of your preparation, coming up with questions to ask in advance is always a smart idea.

A reading may cost anywhere from $1 to $20 each minute, so if you give the best psychics reader permission to probe around and attempt to find the answers you need, the price might add up fast.

You may also find it helpful to do some breathing exercises or meditation before you start reading.

If you can maintain your composure and concentration during the consultation, the advisor will have an easier time connecting with you, and you will be more in tune with their goal to assist you.

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Can I Get Free Psychic Reading Online?

It depends on the website in question and whether or not they provide free readings. 

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as free psychic reading live sessions with the best psychics on the internet; however, many psychic reading online websites do provide free minutes as part of their initial packages for new users.

I-Ching, yes/no, and Tarot card readings may all be obtained for free using an automated computer program, but our researchers could not find any other forms of free psychic reading online.

These internet "Oracles" rely on predetermined mathematical formulas. The accuracy of the solutions they deliver may, however, surprise you. 

Remember that most psychic reading online sites that advertise free readings charge some kind of fee.

After the automatic reading, you will be offered to buy the Oracle or Cartomancy cards used in the reading. As a result, the best psychics' options for free reading are either pre-programmed cards or astrological software.

What Tools Do Online Psychics Use?

Psychic counselors employ various resources under the umbrella term "Divination," but some are often classified as "Oracles."

Divination, in its broadest definition, is a method of foretelling the future, yet, it may also be used to unearth previously unknown facts that might improve our ability to make choices and bring about desired results.

This often involves using a set of symbols with predetermined meanings triggered by random processes like the flip of a coin or the shuffle of a deck of cards (the psychic).

Cards like the Tarot and Lenormand decks and other Oracles like the I Ching, Runes, Cowrie Shells of Santeria, and Astrology are often utilized in psychic readings live sessions.

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Which Is Better: An Online or Offline Psychic Reading?

It's fair to argue both sides, but our research suggests online psychic reading is the best option.

Here's why:

Psychic powers, by definition, transcend temporal and spatial constraints to make connections between things and people that would otherwise be impossible to establish.

Because of this, it shouldn't make a difference whether you consult a psychic over the phone, online, or in person.

Under all conditions, your link with a psychic counselor will be legitimate since it is built on the metaphysics that enables the psychic to speak with anyone or whatever in the world gives them the insight.

How to Spot a Fake Psychic?

Although evidence of genuine psychic powers has been found throughout history, con artists have taken advantage of the public's fascination with psychic skills for at least as long.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you're considering obtaining a clairvoyant reading to avoid being scammed by a con artist. 

If a psychic tells you you are cursed or surrounded by bad energy and recommends a costly spell to remove it, run away quickly.

Don't be duped into paying too much for a commitment or relationship spell when you can find many effective love spells available at no cost. 

Fake online psychics often give their clients the information they want to hear to keep them coming back for additional readings.

Those in a love/hate relationship are targets, especially if it's been going on for a while. It's because of the emotional turmoil they're experiencing.

While the sites discussed in this article do an excellent job of monitoring their advisors, you should still speak up if your psychic has acted unethically during a reading or tried to get in touch with you independent of the site where you contacted them.

Best Psychics Online - Wrapping Up

With spirituality and alternative faiths on the rise, more and more online psychics are using their abilities to make a positive impact on the world. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. 

That's where we come in. 

Our top picks, including Kasamba, Keen, and AskNow, have proven track records of providing accurate and affordable psychic readings. Plus, they offer free trial periods to help you find your perfect match. 

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