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12:07 PM, Apr 03, 2023
12:07 PM, Apr 03, 2023

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Individuals are curious about the cost of accessing TruthFinder. As it provides access to many public records and other online background check sources, it’s a very beneficial tool for obtaining details about people.

Many people are uncertain about the amount they need to pay to use the platform or whether it’s a beneficial investment. 

In this article, we will examine the various payment plans available with TruthFinder in detail. We will assist you in determining how much money you need to spend to access this powerful tool.

If you're looking to get more information on someone, attempting to track down a past friend, or just curious about what details are available online, we'll give you the necessary information so that you can make a knowledgeable choice when it comes to using TruthFinder.

How Much Does TruthFinder Cost? — Answered

Membership to TruthFinder comes with a cost ranging from $4.99 to $29.73 each month, and the payment will be ongoing until the subscription is terminated. Generally, the basic package is priced at $28.05 a month. This is a continual cost. 

If you pay for two months beforehand, you can access the service at a discounted rate of $23.28 each month. If you only need a reverse phone lookup, you can sign up for a distinct plan that’s priced at $4.99 per month.



TruthFinder Membership Options

TruthFinder offers three distinct membership options that come with different fees. The month-to-month membership plan costs $28.05, and the two-month plan is set at $46.56, which is equivalent to $23.28 each month.

The Reverse Phone Lookup plan is $4.99 per month and the Reverse Email Lookup plan is $29.73 monthly. It’s important to be aware that the Reverse Phone Lookup plan does not comprise unlimited personal reports. However, the Reverse Email Lookup plan does.

You can make payment via either your credit card or PayPal, and you will only be billed the cost of the subscription package. TruthFinder also has offers and discounts available, so make sure to visit the website or subscribe to their newsletter to remain updated with all the current deals.

If you're not satisfied with your subscription, you can always contact customer service to terminate it. Refunds are only available under specific circumstances. It's necessary to go through the terms and conditions carefully before signing up.

When you choose to take advantage of the additional services offered by TruthFinder, you'll have to pay a fee. To be able to access PDF reports, you'll have to pay a monthly fee of $3.99, which can be seen online, instead of downloading them. Dark Web Monitoring is priced at $2.99 every month.



Comparison Of The Cost And Value Of Each Membership

It’s essential to consider the cost and value of the various membership plans provided by TruthFinder as there are considerable differences between them. A comparison of the two is listed below.

One Month Period

  • Cost: $28.05/mo 


  • An unlimited supply of regular reports
  • Gaining knowledge regarding previous records
  • Furnish help and aid to every client

Two Months Period

  • Cost: $23.28/mo (was billed the full sum of $46.56 all at once)


  • Gathering data from investigations of prior history
  • Helping patrons with their requests
  • An infinite amount of standardized records

It's clear that the two-month plan is financially advantageous compared to the monthly fee. If you decide to get the two-month membership in advance, you will receive a 20% discount. Furthermore, it provides the same characteristics as the one-month membership but at a lower price. 

If you're uncertain about how frequently you will be using TruthFinder or if you only need to do a few searches, then the one-month subscription might be more economical and convenient. The ultimate decision will depend on your financial circumstances and needs.

If you think that you will be making use of this service for a prolonged duration or with regularity, then the two-month membership may be the most suitable option for you. 

On the other hand, if you anticipate using the service for a short period or are not sure how often you will use it, then the one-month plan may be the better choice.



Bottom Line - How Much Does TruthFinder Cost? 

TruthFinder is a useful resource that can provide information on anyone who has piqued your curiosity. If you’re perplexed about the whereabouts of an ex or who landed the job you wanted, the content of this website could assist you in achieving mental clarity and satisfying your questions.

If you’re one of the few people who are looking for a mobile app that makes it easier to gather information from social media, then TruthFinder is the perfect option for you. You do not need to worry about being seen, as all searches are done anonymously and covertly. 

Give TruthFinder a try now, and you will quickly understand the benefits you have been missing out on.



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